Bat Out Of Hell The Musical : Multimedia

A collection of interviews, features, and promotional shows for Bat Out Of Hell The Musical, from newest to oldest.

BATCHAT Christmas Special 2017. A fun gift for the fans.

8th December 2017. At the time, Bat Out Of Hell was still playing in Toronto, but this interview with Andrew Polec and Christina Bennington was more about stirring interest in the show's coming return to the UK.

7th December 2017. CTV Breakfast in Toronto, Danielle Steers and Billy Lewis Jr in brief interview. Sadly, we don't have video of the performance mentioned.

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4th December 2017 - BATCHAT episode 8 : Danielle and Christina interview Emily Benjamin and Simon Gordon. Simon is a cover Strat, and Emily is ensemble character Mordema.

3rd December 2017. Bat Out Of Hell won BEST MUSICAL at the Evening Standard Awards 2017!

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6th November 2017 - BATCHAT episode 7 : Danielle and Christina interview Giovanni Spano, who plays Ledoux in Bat Out Of Hell The Musical. Where does Gio end and Ledoux begin? Nobody truly knows.

27th October 2017 - Bat Out Of Hell cast were special guests on the Marilyn Denis Show in Canada. Andrew Polec, Christina Bennington, Danielle Steers and Billy Lewis Jr.

The cast of Bat Out Of Hell - The Musical bravely played "I Would Do Anything for Love, But I Might Not Do *That*" 😂 Catch the full interview here:

Posted by The Marilyn Denis Show on CTV on Friday, 27 October 2017

26th October 2017. Toronto news report on Bat Out Of Hell opening at the Ed Mirvish theatre.

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24th October 2017 - Andrew Polec and Christina Bennington in interview on Canadian TV Show eTalk.

21st October 2017. Christina Bennington and Andrew Polec in interview on CTV News in Toronto.

We get a preview of "Bat Out Of Hell: The Musical" from actors Andrew Polec and Christina Bennington before the show arrives in Toronto.

Posted by CTV News Channel on Friday, 20 October 2017

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