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A collection of interviews, features, and promotional shows for Bat Out Of Hell The Musical, from newest to oldest.

20th October 2017. Want to watch a radio show? Yeah, that's not how I thought radio worked either. But here are Rob Fowler and Sharon Sexton in interview!

Rob Fowler and Sharon Sexton, the 2 stars of 🦇Bat Out of Hell😈 The Musical join Derringer in th

Posted by Q107 Toronto on Friday, 20 October 2017

20th October 2017 - Rob Fowler and Sharon Sexton in interview on Canadian TV show This Morning

15th October 2017. News report on Bat Out Of Hell opening in Toronto.

12th October 2017 - Andrew Polec's Road Trip. Goofy as Hell promo video for Bat Out Of Hell going to Toronto and miming to Meat Loaf in his car.

9th October 2017. Canadian TV report on the cast and band for Bat Out Of Hell in Toronto rehearsing together for the first time (a.k.a sitzprobe). They recruited a whole new Bat Band for Toronto!

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9th October 2017 - Toronto Rehearsals : sitzprobe - Danielle Steers and Billy Lewis Jr, Dead Ringer For Love

Dead Ringer - Sitzprobe | BOOH Toronto

For those of you needin' a shot of rock'n'roll in arm...check out our Danielle Steers and Billy Lewis Jr. performing 'Dead Ringer for Love' at our Canadian Siztprobe earlier this year 🤘

Posted by Bat Out Of Hell - The Musical on Tuesday, 28 November 2017

4th October 2017. Canadian TV news piece about loading the set for Bat Out Of Hell The Musical into the Ed Mirvish Theatre. CTV News speaks with production manager Simon Marlow.

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4th September 2017 - Technical video about lighting and video for Bat Out Of Hell. Interviews with Associate Lighting Designer, Rob Casey, Lighting Programmer, Chris Hirst, and Video Programmer, Emily Malone. Video Design by Finn Ross, Lighting Design by Patrick Woodroffe, General Manager, Julian Stoneman.

28th August 2017 - A special BATCHAT (so special there isn't even any chatting!) - Danielle Steers demonstrates how to apply make-up for the character of Zahara. Background music in this video are songs "Holdin' Me Back" and "Lady Of The Night" by Giovanni Spano's band deVience.

22nd August 2017 - Final night for Bat Out Of Hell The Musical at the London Coliseum, in London's West End. This is Andrew Polec's final speech.

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