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A collection of interviews, features, and promotional shows for Bat Out Of Hell The Musical, from newest to oldest.

25th July 2018. Meat Loaf went to see Bat Out Of Hell The Musical! Perry O'Bree of Stage Faves covered the event.

6th July 2018. Interview with Danielle Steers and Wayne Robinson, with Evie of London Theatre Reviews.

5th July 2018. Fun little interview with Christina Bennington and Andrew Polec, with Luca Molinari of London Theatre Reviews.

3rd July 2018. Backstage trailer for Bat Out Of Hell at the Dominion Theatre, London!

London's Home of Rock'n'Roll | Dominion Theatre

Safe to say that we have A LOT of rock'n'roll fun backstage at Bat Out Of Hell - The Musical 🎸😜🎸 London's BIGGEST rock show on the West End's LARGEST stage is NOT to be missed! Tickets from £15: 🀘

Posted by Bat Out Of Hell - The Musical on Tuesday, 3 July 2018

21st June 2018. Some live music for "Make Music Day" in London; Christina Bennington, Andrew Polec, Sharon Sexton and Rob Fowler sing "It's All Coming Back To Me Now".

Alternate angle:

20th June 2018. Rob Fowler (Falco) and Sharon Sexton (Sloane) take BroadwayWorld UK on a backstage tour

18th June 2018. Bat Out Of Hell the musical put on another show at West End Live (only one this year!), in London's Trafalgar Square. Unfortunately, there were sound issues - which you will notice when you see Patrick Sullivan (Blake) starts to sing in "Out Of The Frying Pan" but you hear very little. Only one of the principles is covered by an understudy in this show; Chris Cameron is playing Jagwire, where it would usually have been Wayne Robinson.

Setlist: Bat Out Of Hell, Out Of The Frying Pan (And Into The Fire), I'd Do Anything For Love, Dead Ringer For Love.

17th June 2018. Make-up tutorial - Emily Benjamin transforms herself into her ensemble character Mordema.

15th June 2018. Donna Ruane of Theatresign came to Bat to do a BSL interpreted show - watch her work as Andrew Polec and Christina Bennington sing part of For Crying Out Loud.

Day100 - Show65 - Donna Ruane came back for another signed show! For Crying Out Loud, we love her! #batthemusical2018

Posted by Andrew Polec on Thursday, 14 June 2018

3rd June 2018. Backstage at Bat with Raven and Strat. Well, we say backstage, but... mostly on-stage, showing us around the landmarks of Obsidian; Hope Rock, the mountain and tunnel, escalator, the mall, Raven's bedroom and diary, MD pit, wardrobe...

Andrew speaks a little about pre-Manchester versions of the show; where just before the song It Just Won't Quit, Tink used to give Strat a music box containing Peter and Wendy, chasing each other in flight, and Raven had one too - so Strat and Raven would be in parallel before starting to sing the song.

They also talk about a scene which was cut, where The Lost would scale Falco Tower at the end of the show, beat him up, and then spit on him, one by one.

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