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A collection of interviews, features, and promotional shows for Bat Out Of Hell The Musical, from newest to oldest.

22nd May 2018. Long half-hour interview with Rob Fowler (Falco) and Sharon Sexton (Sloane) from the UK cast of Bat Out Of Hell The Musical.

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21st May 2018. Christina Bennington and Andrew Polec represented Bat Out Of Hell at this year's "Magic At The Musicals" at the Royal Albert Hall, for Magic Radio. They perform the song Bat Out Of Hell, backed by a 60 piece orchestra!

19th May 2018. The show released a pro-shot music video clip of the song I'd Do Anything For Love with the London 2018 cast of Bat Out Of Hell.

18th May 2018. Giovanni Spano (Ledoux) and Danielle Steers (Zahara) in interview with the Curtain Up Show on Resonance FM (skip to around 35:10 to get to the Bat content!)

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11th May 2018. Shoot First Talk Later : long podcast with Andrew Polec.

Want to see the photoshoot that goes with this podcast? Here you go!

11th May 2018. Bat Out Of Hell on UK TV program "This Morning". There is a short interview, then they perform Dead Ringer For Love - the setup is a little different than the way it's performed within the show, Strat and Raven join Zahara and Jagwire singing the song.

30th April 2018. BATCHAT episode #10, with Andrew Polec, interviewed by Christina Bennington and Danielle Steers.

30th April 2018. Bat Out Of Hell the musical - new 30 second trailer.

29th April 2018. Andrew Polec was on Gaby Roslin's show on Radio London (again! You can also check out the first time he was on, 16th July 2017). There are video clips of the two songs he sung, and there's audio of rest of the radio show. His rendition of For Crying Out Loud especially is so passionate and magical. With Benjamin Holder on piano.

Radio show recording

For Crying Out Loud

Andrew Sings 'For Crying Out Loud' | BBC Radio London

Rock'n'Roll doesn't need a mic! Check out our incredible Strat, Andrew Polec raisin' the roof with 'For Crying Out Loud' in the BBC Radio London studios earlier in the year 🔥😍

Posted by Bat Out Of Hell - The Musical on Sunday, 12 August 2018

Bat Out Of Hell

Andrew Sings 'Bat Out of Hell' | BBC Radio London

Andrew Polec singing 'Bat Out of Hell' on BBC Radio London 🤘 Click Play, Raise Your Horns and revel in our Strat's brilliance!

Posted by Bat Out Of Hell - The Musical on Wednesday, 2 May 2018

27th April 2018. Danielle Steers (Zahara) and Wayne Robinson (Jagwire) in interview on London local radio station Hoxton Radio.

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