Jim Steinman On...

His Songs -
"Most people don't like extremes - extremes scare them. I start at 'extreme' and go from there. [My songs are] anthems… calls to action, cries against passivity, initiations by fire, doorways flung open, altars uncovered."

Rock And Opera -
"I think rock and opera are probably closer to each other than to other musical forms… Rock and opera both make huge gestures, they're both about extremes in content and form. Each puts incredible physical demands on a performer. And each of them has a great mix of the sublime and the ridiculous, heroism and humor. Seems to me that people's barriers to enjoying both have more to do with sociology than actual music and performances."

Politics And Rock -
"To me, all good rock 'n' roll is I think by definition political. Rock 'n' roll at its best is about breaking down barriers, going past limits. If music can make a pulse go faster, make a heart beat stronger, that's in a way a political act. In a world full of cripples, the only pure revolutionary act is to get up and dance!"

The Role Of Music -
"I disagree that it's only role is pleasure, that's just a by-product. Its main role for me, like all the arts, is to provide heightening and amplification. It should intensify everything. I think music should be like plugging yourself into a Marshall amp, it amplifies people, it amplifies images and allows people to see they can be amplified themselves. I think it allows people to see that there's more volume and feedback and sound inside them than they think, plus it allows them to see more volume and intensity around them."

Violence And Music -
"It's been written that my music's violent, even though it's not a violent as a lot of other music, I think it's 'emotionally' violent. I just always thought that when treating love and sex in songs, it was pretty appropriate to treat them fairly darkly because they're pretty dangerous things. Sex and love are dangerous and good…"

Safe Sex -
"Sex was never 'safe.' In sex you reveal yourself physically and emotionally - and that's fucking dangerous."

Children And Adolescents -
"They're closer to the things in life that are really important. They're closer to the jugular, the feverish, the primal, the urgent, the intuitive aspects of being human."

Live-Action Film Musicals -
"In order to succeed, live film musicals need to make live people more 'animated' in style. [They've forgotten] how to heighten things; they made things too naturalistic. Today's audiences have grown up with 15 years of MTV mini-musicals."