Jim Steinman -
Critically Acclaimed

The New York Times:
"The hottest writer/producer in pop music today."

The Los Angeles Times:
"The Richard Wagner of Rock and Roll...Breathtakingly excessive."

The London Daily Mirror:
"Rock's most charismatic, extreme and talented producer..."

RAW Magazine:
"Sheer Genius...Baroque eroticism...Jim Steinman is to Hard Rock what the late director Alfred Hitchcock was to the thriller movie."

Sounds Magazine:
"Steinman never cared much for credibility- in-credibility, now that's more the ticket. And it's surely only right for him to remain utterly over the top and on his own. In the realms of rock theater, Jim Steinman is unique."

Melody Maker:
"Steinman demands that his subjects hollow themselves out in much the same way as the Italian film director Federico Fellini insists that actors are and should be the medium between his fantasies and the rest of the world. In this sense, Steinmans' not simply a songwriter or a producer but a director of theater."

Kerrang! Magazine:
"Jim Steinman is a man who accepted excess into his heart in the way a Christian must accept God into his soul...Probably the ultimate definition of the genius-as-madman producer since Phil Spector...creator of the most gloriously pounding, emotionally derailed, headily deranged, chrome hard, wildly demented, madly powerful, too real, wholly unreal, sexually monumental, totally melodramatic all-time masterpiece albums ever made."

Q Magazine:
"Nobody writes songs like Jim Steinman: he is perhaps the lost genius of pop, stranded - lamentably unlauded - in a world of rock with opera's attitude, where life has stopped at the point of adolescence that childhood dreams are shattered. It's how 'soul' music should have turned out: every chorus is like losing your virginity, every verse is like killing your parents. It's as if Phil Spector and Richard Wagner were making records together."

New Musical Express:
"If God made albums, they would probably sound a lot like Steinman's."