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re: 2007 Steinyear - what could be in store?

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rockfenris2005 01:10 am MST 12/31/06
In reply to: re: 2007 Steinyear - what could be in store? - Evan 12:38 am MST 12/31/06

> -Bikers Of The Round Table (title?) Jim has failed to
> mention this lately so I'm guessing it is very unlikely to
> happen. It still technically could happen but I doubt it.

Don't quote me on this, I heard "from a source" that the first season has been completed. "Nowhere Fast" is the opening and closing credits, as recorded by The Dream Engine, therefore the T.V. show Rinkoff gave reference to.

I watched "American Chopper" on Xmas day on my aunty's Fox-Tel. It WAS The O.C. Choppers who have something to do with this show. I don't know how they'll fit in with the whole animation thing.
> -Bat Out Of Hell Movie (title?) Jim also hasn't mentioned
> this lately as well. Was this supposed to be released in
> 2007 to even begin with? Who knows.

This is the one I don't really see happening at all. It'll probably happen if the stage-show's successful. I did some research on Stuart Beattie, the supposed screen-writer who's developing the script, and he's working on TEN SCREENPLAYS AT ONCE!! TEN SCREENPLAYS!! "Bat Out Of Hell" was even't mentioned, nor any other titles that would relate to a Steinmanic movie.

Some rumours, again don't quote, this is a combination of "Neverland '81" and "Bat Out Of Hell 2100", I have NO IDEA IF THAT'S TRUE, I doubt whether Jim will ever confirm it, which are actually tied up to two movie studios... so they're might be a bidding war which sometimes prevents movies from happening.

Then you have to take into account the performance of BAT III, which is all the movie honchos care about right now, which has not done anywhere near the "lightning strikes twice" success of BAT II.

Again, more rumours, Baz Luhrmann or Rob Zombie (eeeek) could be director. I have nooo idea, but these are some stories I heard
> -Jim songs used in major motion pictures. I don't know if
> it really demands to be listed but I'm fairly certain that
> a Jim song will turn up in at least one major motion
> picture. Adam Sandler's "Click" (2006) was the last to
> feature a Steinsong, "Making Love..". This song gets used
> quite a lot in movies.

I've been really torn over whether to mention these on my site, but I haven't. My criteria seems to be, "well, was Jim involved personally?"

Jim, as far as I know, wasn't involved with any of these flicks though some of those movies have done quite well. I loved the use in "Mr. And Mrs. Smith" and I have NO IDEA why "Making Love" keeps getting chosen as I wasn't aware it's staying-power was anywhere NEAR as strong as "Total Eclipse" (which is why I thought Steinman covered it with Bonnie Tyler)

> >
> > > Ahhhhhhhhhhh, how could I forget the 30th Anniversary of
> > > Bat. I hope something special is done for it, and not just
> > > a couple of lame-assed 'live' bollocks slapped at the end
> > > of the CD's
> > >
> > > Pud
> > >
> >
> > Same here! Besides, those live tracks are never as good
> > unless you hear them in the original context.. Like, the
> > full complete bootlegs. But that's another story
> > altogether.
> >
> > I really hope they pull together some "Final At Bat"
> > material for the Conclusions thing. If Jim can't produce,
> > (I hope Jim's reading this), then PLEASE choose Todd
> > Rundgren. He's the only fitting choice, he began it,
> > therefore he should end it. If Jim's advising, and
> > approving of the material, it would almost be like the
> > original Bat with Todd and Jim. So I hope he chooses Todd
> >
> > If not, Roy Thomas Baker of Queen & Darkness will do fine
> > by me. If not, the guy who does TSO like you said
> >
> >

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