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re: Steinyear 2006 in review

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Jacob 02:40 am MST 12/31/06
In reply to: Steinyear 2006 in review - Pudding 09:48 pm MST 12/30/06

I definitely feel it's neccessary to mention the two fan-blogs related to Steinman, who has managed to find and share many rare MP3's, live performances and music videos. Thanks for that!

> So what kind of year has Jim Steinman had?
> Taniec Wampirow closed on 22nd January but because of
> popular demand, it re-opened for a limited time on 10th
> May and a cast recording was made. Lets hope for more
> Warsaw productions.
> Tanz Japan opened to rave reviews on July 2nd for 2
> months. The audience apparently LOVED it, but
> unfortunately there's no immediate plans for it to be
> re-staged in 2007, or 2008 for that matter. At least we
> have a CD though, and a very nice CD it is
> Germany produced another Tanz der Vampire, this time in
> Berlin which premiered on 10th December. By all accounts
> this is THE best ever productions of the musical and
> fingers crossed it'll be on in Berlin for a very long
> time.
> News of a production of Tanz der Vampire (Vámpírok Bálja)
> in Budapest emerged and will open in June 2007. We've been
> treated to some sneaky mp3's from them and so far it
> doesn't sound too bad.
> Thanks to Bill Kenwright and at the request of Andrew
> Lloyd-Webber, a strictly limited run (March to August) of
> Whistle Down The Wind hit Palace Theatre in London. The
> show was only a filler between Woman in White closing and
> Spamalot starting, but it had rave reviews and could be a
> contender for a nomination as 'Best revival of a show' at
> the Olivier Awards (I did say 'could be'). Whistle Down
> The Wind still remains one of ALW's most successful
> touring productions, so lets hope we get more shows.
> Nicki French managed to regurgitate Total Eclipse Of The
> Heart yet again, with a batch of remixes that can only be
> described as SHITE. Hmmmm 'Total Eclipse 2006', how
> original. Someone stop her before she remixes again.
> Westlife managed to get to No.1 in the UK album charts
> with their 'Love' album and had Total Eclipse as one of
> the songs, TEOTH is slated to be released as a single in
> its own right in Feb 2007.
> The Dream Engine has spluttered its way through 2006.
> Despite a nice looking website being created and a myspace
> site, and a few mp3's being offered up, only a handful of
> shows (a couple in Feb and a couple in March with Bonnie
> Tyler special guesting at one show in Feb and two in
> March) at Joe's Pub came about. They did manage to get a
> live TV spot though at the Gergia Music Hall Of Fame 16th
> Sept, and performed What Part Of My Body Hurts The Most
> and We're Still The Children. It was a nice little promo
> spot, but very little follow-up. Alas we wait to see what
> happens with TDE in 2007, hopefully a hell of a lot more
> than what happened in 2006.
> Some donkeys at Iron Mountain lost some of Jims masters
> for Total Eclipse and Left In The Dark (I hope I got that
> right) so he sued the incompetent morons for US$20Million
> The review wouldn't be complete without a mention of Bat3
> and the $50Million ass-banging Jim was going to get for
> the trademark 'Bat Out Of Hell'. Despite what opinions we
> all have of the lawsuit, it seems in the end its turned
> out for the best for Jim.....everything considered.
> As for Bat3 itself, I think diplomatically it's a good
> album, but it ain't no Bat album. Probably because it
> isn't 100% Steinman penned or Steinman produced. Seven
> songs by Jim, five cover versions and two taken from
> Batman. The Steinman penned tunes weren't totally fucked
> up, B4G wasn't that bad and Land Of The Pig was the best
> one IMO However, why the fuck It's All Coming Back To Me
> Now managed to not only get on the album, but be released
> as the lead-off single, despite Meats mad rants that it
> was HIS song and it was meant for Bat2, is beyond me and
> as a duet FFS (For F*ck Sake).
> Please, if there's any mistakes I've made or missed
> anything out, then add to it. Maybe once it's complete JD
> could add an edited version to the site.
> Pud

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