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Part I

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> The Dream Engine (Original Cast Recording) (1970)

From Pudding's precious Neverland Hotel:

"Also record producer Paul Rothchild was so impressed that he wanted to produce the cast-album."


> Meat Loaf: More Than You Deserve (EP, Featured Song)
> (1974)

See "Meat Loaf, To Hell And Back."

Jim Steinman, 1981: "It was a piece of shit... they wouldn't let me in the studio."

He describes the single flip-side as: "One of the most bizarre things I've ever heard."

> The Confidence Man (Music, Off-Broadway Production)
> (1975)

Liner Notes, R.E.F.:

"The work developed quickly. We discovered that our leading man, William Atherton, had a beautiful tenor voice he'd never had occasion to use, so we tailored the soaring notes of "Milady" to him. Our leading lady was radiant Andrea Marcovicci and our director was Leon Russom, an actor who would have been brilliant at the helm. All three had worked with Joe Papp in the past, as had Steinman. And wasn't Joe inadvertently responsible for this new collaboration? Before we had even finished the score, we presented it to him.

Joe said he loved it and wanted to do it right away. He summoned Bernie Gersten to set a production date. I remember Bernie asking him, "Are you sure?" Joe was sure. We weren't about to tell him how much work we still had to do. Bernie, I believe, wisely suspected it.

Jim and I worked even faster, interrupted only by the initial casting sessions. The Public Theatre was also in casting for a much-publicized performance of "Julius Caesar." When they couldn't complete their targeted triumvirate of "hot" young actors for Brutus, Antony and Cassius, they "raided" us for Billy Atherton. When Leon and I confronted Joe about it, he merely said, "You lost your leading man; get another one." Joe wasn't a man you could reason with. Every time we thought we had acquired another leading man - the list grew lengthy - Joe stripped him away from us, justifying it only by contending that he needed him for another production. Finally, when no viable candidates remained, he said, "Well, you have no leading man. I'm canceling production." Joe could be chummy or churlish, Cap'n Andy or Captain Ahab."

Ray told me the year that mostly occurred (around) was 1975 with the cabaret taking place sometime afterward in 1976

> L.A. Radio (Featured Writer & Performer) (1979)

We KNOW that this exists, in test-pressing form, and a fan even came forward with a copy... Steinman's contribution has gotten into the community

> Meat Loaf: Renegade Angel (Creator) (1979)

Meat and Jim have talked about this album many times, particularly around the actual time, and it is mentioned in Meat's bio in The Rocky Horror Picture Show book:

"His second album, Renegade Angel, will soon be released"
> 1980s
> Guitar (Television Screenplay) (1981)
> Stark Raving Love (Television Screenplay) (1981)
> Dance In My Pants (Television Screenplay) (1981)
> Neverland (Screenplay Motion Picture) (1981)

Jim Steinman, Epic-Cleveland Records Press Kit:

"Ever the creative individual, Steinman is currently working on developing film projects from many of the songs on BAD FOR GOOD. "Love And Death And An American Guitar" provides the Opening sequence of "GUITAR," a film being produced for Warner Brothers by Steinman and David Sonenberg, his manager. The film is the life story of one Fender electric guitar, spanning the years 1954-1986. It is narrated by the guitar.

There will also be a CBS-TV movie entitled "Stark Raving Love," suggested by the song of that title on the album. And "The Storm," "Lost Boys And Golden Girls," "Bad For Good" and "Surf's Up" are all part of "Neverland," Steinman's dream-project-a massive science-fiction/rock & roll musical suggested by "Peter Pan." He is just beginning to write the screenplay now. There is also a film called "Dance In My Pants," currently being scripted, with principal camera work to hopefully begin within the year."


No need to mention "Neverland", it's in enough articles

> Raiders Of The Lost Ark (Film Score) (1981)

The Ultimate Hook, Sandy Robertson, Sounds Magazine

"The tone of Steinman's super-optimistic chat indicates that this might be more than pie-in-the-sky, and Spielberg has been quoted as saying there are only a couple of rock composers he'd want to work with, Jim being one of them. Indeed, he almost got to do the score of 'Raiders Of The Lost Ark.'"


> Dead Ringer (Un-released Film, Featured Songs) (1982)

Check IMDB, Meat's Bio and other articles around. This definitely does exist, here's a recent article that's quite interesting:

"As a fan of Meat Loaf’s music, my heart broke when I read in his autobiography that he made a movie based on the Dead Ringer album that never got distributed. The film featured Meat Loaf performing the album’s songs in concert, and playing a Meat Loaf look-alike in a parallel story.

Meat Loaf on Lost Dead Ringer Movie
Even as a curiosity piece, the movie sounds awesome, but Meat Loaf couldn’t even tell me whether even a bootleg copy still exists. “Not that I know of,” he said. “I’ve never seen it.”

The Dead Ringer album was considered a dud after the smash hit of Bat out of Hell, but fans like me have warmed up to it. With Loaf’s current performances focusing on the Bat out of Hell albums, the lost film could be the only chance to see Dead Ringer songs performed.

“Yeah, that’s what was in there. That’s the songs that were in that movie. No, I have no idea where that movie is. I think Jim Steinman’s manager does but that’s it.” "


> Nosferatu (Incomplete Musical) (1983)

Ellis Nassour, Playbill On-Line:

"Steinman said one of the reasons he's thrilled to be involved with Dance of the Vampires "is that I'm a big fan of horror movies, especially those about vampires. I worked on a musical version of Nosferatu (F.W. Murnau's German silent film), which I consider the greatest vampire movie ever. I always thought vampires were the perfect subject for a musical or opera.""


> Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Television Screenplay) (1984)

Wuthering Heights 2003 EP liner notes:

" first had the idea for Wuthering Heights in the late '80s when a film studio head met with me and told me that his studio tested song titles compulsively, finding some of their best material beginning with a high testing title. I was told, to my amazement, that the two highest testing titles ever for them were "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" and "Total Eclipse Of The Heart." The latter had been a huge hit, but it seemed too poetic to elicit that response. But, he said, among women ages 16-45 especially, it scored "off the radar screen." "So," he asked, "can you make a movie with that title?" I said "Sure," and then, dazed, wandering through Westwood near UCLA, I noticed the CliffsNotes of Wuthering Heights in a window. I had always loved the book, and thought how appropriate it was to the title and the lyrics: "Once upon a time/ there was light in my life/ now there's only love in the dark/ There's nothing I can do/ A total eclipse of the heart." I saw the movie as faithful to the febrile intensity and romanticism of the original, but with very young actors, set in Northern California, on the edge of America driven relentlessly by music. And, of course, amplified - this should not be "reverent" acoustic period piece, but a hot-wired rave of all that's unleashed. "Let your dreams out of their cages." It was always meant to be an ode to Love in the Dark. Long may it rain. The studio head left, I moved on and never got the movie done, even after a first draft screenplay..."

> Def Leppard: Hysteria (Scrapped Producer) (1984)

We know all about this.

> The Everly Brothers (Reunion Album, Featured Song /
> Producer) (1985)

We know this actually exists because The Everly Brothers recently released the "song"

> The Phantom Of The Opera (Lyrics, World Famous Musical)
> (1985)

Check numerous Whistle articles for proof, and even some recent Andrew Lloyd Webber biographies

> Fall House Pilot (Television Series w/ Douglas J. Cuomo)
> (1989)

I'm sure this is mentioned in '89 articles, I got the information from another site. Cuomo is a composer who works a lot in television
> 1990s
> Electric Light Orchestra (Reunion Album, Featured Songs /
> Producer) (1990)

Keith Cameron, Sounds Magazine 1989:

"Apparently, the next Jim Steinman project is an Electric Light Orchestra album. Now only a true genius would attempt that!"


> Chrome Heart (Co-written w/ Paul Stanley) (1992)

Someone "of repute" (in someone's eyes, not necessarily anyone) mentioned this at the forum. I know people asked for proof, I'm still waiting to see it

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