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re: New Project Suggestion

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John_Galt (g_brandon_martin@ureach.com) 12:51 pm MST 01/20/07
In reply to: re: New Project Suggestion - Jacqueline 09:32 pm MST 01/19/07

I second the motion in regards to a couple of scenes from Lost Boys. It's one of the few films that I've purchased on DVD. I've got to admit that I love its component parts -- the characters, the setting, the cast, the style, and a couple of the scenes -- but the compiled dramatic structure didn't work for me.

I'd love to see Steinman redo Lost Boys as a stage musical with its component parts but a different plot. There are parts of it that are so animalistically, hormonally teenage, and others that are just sick Freudian nonsense, and others that are conventional. I suppose life is like that... and I'll accept it in my art every once in awhile, but I demand more consistency in my pop culture.

-=John Galt=-

> Grrr....I replied once and then my computer glitched!
> Now the short and sweet version...Jim would be motivated
> by ALL of these. My personal favs mentioned here are
> Highlander & Ladyhawke. I'll add Lost Boys...curious to
> see what others would add...especially Brian, the new
> Martin and Vin! xxx JD
> > Let's each choose a favorite scene from a movie or novel
> > that has a special or interesting emotional dynamic and
> > Jim can write a song inspired by it for the new album in
> > which he collaborates with Darren, the artist featured in
> > Pud's recent blog entry.
> >
> > The rules: Jim does lead sheets and piano arrangements
> > only and may not spend more than 10 hours on any given
> > song. Jim may not borrow from his existing work for this
> > effort -- even if older materia would make this new work
> > better... a likely possibility. The song has to be
> > internally consistent with the theme: no dark and evil
> > imagery just because it's cool if it isn't consistent.
> >
> > Here are my entries for screen moments:
> >
> > (1) The scene in the film adaptation of Shadowlands where
> > CS Lewis, the intellectual's Christian, succombs to
> > sorrow, curses God, questions his life's purpose, and
> > looses faith after finding out that Joy has cancer.
> >
> > (2) The scene in Highlander where Connor's girlfriend
> > unwillingly plunges a dagger into her boyfriend's heart
> > only to realize in the next scene that she is making love
> > to a god.
> >
> > (3) The scene in Ladyhawke where the two almost meet, but
> > can't quite touch during the sunrise in the snow.
> >
> > (4) The scene in Goonies when our asthmatic adventurer is
> > placed through cosmic accident into his older brother's
> > shoes to experience Andy's nervous teenage desire without
> > her realizing it.
> >
> > (5) The scene in Flatliners when Kevin Bacon's character
> > is winded by a blow of guilt dealt from the little girl he
> > taunted as a child.
> >
> > For those laughing, I understand that Jim wouldn't
> > actually use any of the above as inspiration for new
> > songs. I understand that our urgining him to write a few
> > sketches for a Broadway crossover artist is not going to
> > make a new album. Nevertheless, I believe in dreaming
> > big... and the conversation which may follow on this board
> > has potential. I'd love to hear everyone else's
> > suggestions.
> >
> > -=John Galt=-
> >

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