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re: Jim AND Meat

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Markus 05:33 pm MST 01/26/07
In reply to: Jim AND Meat - Spyke 05:04 pm MST 01/26/07

I agree with some things you said. But I donīt agree that Steinsongs become boring when NOT sung by Meat. Maybe its what you feel, but you can only speak for yourself. So do I.
Meat is in this business long enought not to believe everything people say. And Iīm sure he doesnīt. The man himself told us that he didnīt want to wait any longer for the album called BAT III.
Jim did some great things without Meat - Tanz der Vampire. Sisters, etc...

The last few Meat concerts I attended were all not really a pleasure for me. Meat sounded bad - "technical problems", etc. His voice wasnīt there most of the time I saw him lately. So I donīt expect much for the only June concert Iīll attend this year in Germany.

I admit they did a good job with his voice on his latest album and I agree with your last few sentences. This is exactly what I think they shouldīve done for BAT III. But Meat didnīt want to wait any longer and so it may never happen again.

Itīs a really sad ending of what began so glorious. I bet the record company wonīt spend any more money to produce a huge music video or any more singles. Maybe one more, thatīs it. Even they must have seen now what this monster really is. A failure. To begin with.

Now please donīt tell me I was bashing Meat.


> First off I just want to say that I have been reading the
> board for a while but this is my first post. I look
> forward to getting to know all the board regulars better
> now that I have an account and can post.
> There seem to be alot of anti Meat Loaf comments on the
> board and I just wanted to defend Meat because some
> comments seem unfair to me. I think Desmond and the people
> around him filled his head with alot of BS. Meat made the
> mistake of believing them. Time to put this mess called
> Bat 3 behind us.
> I am a fan of Meat AND Jim. Although they both probably
> hate to admit it, they are at their best together. There
> is something magic that happens when Meat sings a Steinman
> song. I have listened to other singers perform Jim's songs
> (Dream Engine, Pandora's Box, Bonnie Tyler to name a few)
> and although they are great singers, something is missing
> and the songs almost become boring. Same thing when Meat
> does non Steinman songs. Bat 3 is a perfect example. When
> I listen to that album, there is such a huge drop in
> quality from the Steinman songs to the others.
> It is just such a shame that these two can't get together
> and make something happen again. I wanna see Jim, Meat and
> Todd lock themselves in a studio for 18 months with no
> distractions or side projects. I think the final product
> would be nothing short of amazing! I know Jim reads the
> board and it doesn't help things when fans like us start
> bashing Meat. It is kind of like throwing fuel on the
> fire.

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