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re: Jim AND Meat

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Spyke 08:25 pm MST 01/26/07
In reply to: re: Jim AND Meat - Markus 05:33 pm MST 01/26/07

Yeah I see what you are saying Marcus. The thing is, when I listen to The Dream Engine for example, I hear singers with great voices (technically better then Meat) but they just lack that who other dimension.

I love Meat but I do have to wonder about some of his career choices. I think he is a good actor but I have seen him in some films and shows that just plain suck. The kind of stuff you expect a no name actor to do just for the paycheck. Then he does something like Fight Club that kicks ass. Its like he has trouble picking good projects.....

> I agree with some things you said. But I donīt agree that
> Steinsongs become boring when NOT sung by Meat. Maybe its
> what you feel, but you can only speak for yourself. So do
> I.
> Meat is in this business long enought not to believe
> everything people say. And Iīm sure he doesnīt. The man
> himself told us that he didnīt want to wait any longer for
> the album called BAT III.
> Jim did some great things without Meat - Tanz der Vampire.
> Sisters, etc...
> The last few Meat concerts I attended were all not really
> a pleasure for me. Meat sounded bad - "technical
> problems", etc. His voice wasnīt there most of the time I
> saw him lately. So I donīt expect much for the only June
> concert Iīll attend this year in Germany.
> I admit they did a good job with his voice on his latest
> album and I agree with your last few sentences. This is
> exactly what I think they shouldīve done for BAT III. But
> Meat didnīt want to wait any longer and so it may never
> happen again.
> Itīs a really sad ending of what began so glorious. I bet
> the record company wonīt spend any more money to produce a
> huge music video or any more singles. Maybe one more,
> thatīs it. Even they must have seen now what this monster
> really is. A failure. To begin with.
> Now please donīt tell me I was bashing Meat.
> Markus.
> > First off I just want to say that I have been reading the
> > board for a while but this is my first post. I look
> > forward to getting to know all the board regulars better
> > now that I have an account and can post.
> >
> > There seem to be alot of anti Meat Loaf comments on the
> > board and I just wanted to defend Meat because some
> > comments seem unfair to me. I think Desmond and the people
> > around him filled his head with alot of BS. Meat made the
> > mistake of believing them. Time to put this mess called
> > Bat 3 behind us.
> >
> > I am a fan of Meat AND Jim. Although they both probably
> > hate to admit it, they are at their best together. There
> > is something magic that happens when Meat sings a Steinman
> > song. I have listened to other singers perform Jim's songs
> > (Dream Engine, Pandora's Box, Bonnie Tyler to name a few)
> > and although they are great singers, something is missing
> > and the songs almost become boring. Same thing when Meat
> > does non Steinman songs. Bat 3 is a perfect example. When
> > I listen to that album, there is such a huge drop in
> > quality from the Steinman songs to the others.
> >
> > It is just such a shame that these two can't get together
> > and make something happen again. I wanna see Jim, Meat and
> > Todd lock themselves in a studio for 18 months with no
> > distractions or side projects. I think the final product
> > would be nothing short of amazing! I know Jim reads the
> > board and it doesn't help things when fans like us start
> > bashing Meat. It is kind of like throwing fuel on the
> > fire.

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