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re: Looking Back at Broadway’s Dance with Vampires

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nowhere_fast 07:08 pm MST 01/29/07
In reply to: re: Looking Back at Broadway’s Dance with Vampires - La_Comtesse 09:34 am MST 01/29/07

I knew boasting was the wrong word.Lol.Why 9?Why not!The previews are not the same as the final show.Interesting to see the developement of the show.As i wrote i wish i had more steve barton shows.But thats the way it is.To compare dance to tanz maybe is wrong.The shows stand by them selves.Would tanz have faired any better on broadway?Maybe maybe not.Given that lestat and dracula flopped.Seen both those shows on dvd and i enjoyed them.If we only had dotv would the critical views still be as harsh.Sure you can say that M.c stuffed up dance,but one man can not destroy a musical.And given that jim has had many projects that fail to get off the ground(see ryans list from a few weeks back)the M.c bashing was a little unfair.What if Bat the musical fails to go ahead.Who the hell do we blame then.Also the average theatre goer wouldnt have been able to compare dotv to tanz so its not like they could be sitting in the theatre saying to them selves."oh tanz was much better"then telling their friends not to go.We as fans of Jim could do this,as could the average musical fan.

> You call that boasting ?!? Why 9 different shows on DVD ?
> 9xtimes Crawford and cheap humour ruining the Broadway
> adaption of one of the best musicals ever !
> Why ?
> I prefer the broomstick option, thank you !
> > A lot of us have had this show on dvd and cd for a couple
> > of years.Without wanting to boast(although i am) i've got
> > 9 dotv shows from previews to the final show.Shame ive
> > only got two steve barton shows of tanz plus one other
> > european show on dvd.Also i like the japanese cast album
> > of tanz.The poland cast cd sounds very eurovision in
> > places.I did enjoy dotv.I know it ain't tanz but its still
> > good in places.
> >
> > > Four years ago (I meant to start this “memorial blog
> > > series” last week, but ran out of time) the cast of DOTV
> > > performed their final performance. This flawed US
> > > version of the successful & eternal European phenomenon,
> > > was short lived but managed to entertain and introduce (or
> > > re-introduce in the case of ECLIPSE) many to the music of
> > > Jim Steinman.
> > >
> > > This final show marked the end of my two month
> > > Steinman-Bing, traveling in and out of NYC whenever I had
> > > a free weekend, spending way more than I could afford. I
> > > met a lot of great people during my DOTV adventures (The
> > > November 2002 Steingathering was the largest EVER) & some
> > > have become great friends. It is for those sentimental
> > > reasons that I will be sharing the Final DOTV performance.
> > > Over the next 7 or so days, I will be posting a group of
> > > MP3’s from this performance, and pudding will be posting
> > > corresponding video clips on his blog.
> > >
> > > Huge thanks to Dave Akerman for finding this recording.
> > > It’s funny that it took four years for this recording to
> > > surface in the Stein-Community, as the “OTHER” fans have
> > > had it for quite some time.
> > >
> > > Anyway, say what you will about this show – as a member of
> > > this audience for this final performance, I can attest
> > > that the atmosphere and energy of the cast and crowd was
> > > magical, except for maybe the ONE cast member,
> > > anyway….Enjoy….or go fuck yourself w/ a broomstick
> > > (orifice of choice)

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