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re: My Review Of CD 1 - maybe my longest posting ever

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Laci 03:28 am MST 02/04/07
In reply to: My Review Of CD 1 - maybe my longest posting ever - Markus 01:49 am MST 02/03/07

Only a few comments

Sandor Venyige is really a pro musical singer. You can hear him on hungarian version of Jeckyl & Hyde or Miss saigon (I saw him there and after the show I meet him). He is a big Tanz fan, but he has no chance to sing in hungarian version because of the personal problem with PS management, which owns the rights for show in Hungary. His demo of Unsteilbare gier is far better than the official production demo.

PS: I like Lesft in he dark too. maybe because of the voice - Jims voice is not perfect on this song and thism makes the song for me closer. Meats interpretation is flat and Streisands is very strange for me...

> I´m not a great reviewer, but THIS really needs to be
> reviewed by everyone who got a copy because it´s so full
> of heart and soul that it should be reviewed even in
> Rolling Stone magazine next to Meat Loaf´s last attemtp to
> make another Bat Album without Jim. WE made a Jim Album
> not with Jim aboard physically but with him in our hearts
> and minds all the time - that´s for sure! I´m totally
> thrilled with NBAMN II more than with everything else I
> heard in the last year (ok, the Batman Demos aside and the
> Dream Engine performances maybe ;-)).
> You may all have read my "liner notes" (Justin?) and some
> dreams will never come true but at least we HAVE dreams!
> Why has life the heart of a serpent? Maybe because we´ve
> all got such dirty minds that all we ever do is dream
> pollution? I don´t know but Justin, you´re not the only
> one. That doesn´t help a bit, I know, but it´s the truth.
> Heads up, heart open, mind open and let life come!
> Here comes the review, brutal, honest but never meant to
> be disrespectful or insulting because that´s something no
> one here has deserved!
> Overture / Bat: Brian, Baal, you both rock! I love this
> track and I really hope someday we´ll get a full
> contribution by Baal because he´s another great and
> talented Jimfan.
> What Part Of My Body Hurts The Most? : Well, of course the
> best track on the album. ;-) Just kidding, let´s move on.
> Everything Is Permtitted: Ryan, you have proofed your
> talent before and again, a nice rendition of this song.
> Not single wrong note and I like this. What I still don´t
> like is the overdramatic vibrato ALL over the place. FOR
> ME a bit too much, but still a nice one. The mic problems
> I had just like you but somehow we´ll fix it. :)
> Remembering My Youth: Smeg, that´s not were it was but
> were it belongs to, this record. I liked the spoken parts
> in every Jim album before and I like your contributions.
> You´re made for them. Please do it again if the time has
> come.
> Die Unstillbare Gier: Brian, your sound alone is
> fascinating this time but what you do with this oh so
> loved instrument is sooo beautiful even if you´re not
> "the" perfect player just like most of us are not the
> perfect singers. I´d love to sing to this sometime again
> like I did with Wolfgang in Stuttgart but with you on
> piano. (--> http://www.carpe-jugulum.com/markus/steinjam/
> )
> Teenager In Love: Aaron, you have to team up with Smeg
> sometime and submit some nice YMCA piece. ;-) Great!
> In The Land Of The Pig, The Butcher Is King: Average slap
> bass-line? Gavan, I think your other description of this
> sound fits perfect and works very well! So does your voice
> and the rest of the music! Still wonder why we need Meat´s
> version after having Rob´s and now yours! One of my
> biggest hits on the album.
> Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through: Stroke, I really like
> this stripped down guitar version by you. I´m not so shure
> about the singing but please do it again! If you listen to
> Part One of this CD you´ll recognize we all improved. Btw,
> your liner notes are great and I think that´s something of
> Jim´s magic: The music alone tells the words because when
> I first heard BAT I I was so thrilled with the music and
> Meat´s vocals that I "thought" I understood every bit
> without knowing much of english language. :)
> Whistle Down The Wind: Laurie, this is just beautiful!
> There´s not much more I can say, it´s beautiful. :)
> Heaven Can Wait: And another highlight! Why we´re NOT in
> the charts I´ll never understand... Great Mathias! I did
> this song too once and you beat me - completely. Have to
> try it again. Nice that it wasn´t your intention. ;)
> Elnemmúló vágy: Sándor, damn you´re pro as it seems! I
> first complained about it but you´re a fan and so all I
> can say: Wonderful! One of the best Krolocks I´ve ever
> heard. Steve Barton, Michael Nicholson, Sándor Venyige.
> Better as Kevin Tarte. That says it all.
> Left In The Dark: Andrew, even though your voice is
> probably not the best out there I found the emotion in
> your voice very convincing and your version of this song
> definitely touched me and is one of my favourites on this
> album! All instruments by yourself? How the hell??? Wow.
> Another Standing Ovation.
> Finale Act One: Brian, why isn´t the finale not the final
> song!? ;) Well, of course it doesn´t matter. Nothing
> should matter to you, me or anyone else when it comes to
> this record! It doesn´t matter to me if someone likes my
> two songs or not because I like them and I know I tried my
> best and so did all people here. Brian, I could listen to
> you play the piano all night long...
> É Sötét vágy: Nothing new here but another great voice
> joined in! It´s a too good!
> So now I´ll close the book for now as I have to go out.
> Part Two will follow later. Please voice your opinions
> people!
> Markus.

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