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re: My Review Of CD 1 - maybe my longest posting ever

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Bart 02:30 am MST 02/05/07
In reply to: My Review Of CD 1 - maybe my longest posting ever - Markus 01:49 am MST 02/03/07

You are almost right about everything.
Smeg's monologues are very funny and the good thing about them is that he sounds-how you say it- vulnerable.

Land of the pig is much better than Meat's piece IMO.

> I´m not a great reviewer, but THIS really needs to be
> reviewed by everyone who got a copy because it´s so full
> of heart and soul that it should be reviewed even in
> Rolling Stone magazine next to Meat Loaf´s last attemtp to
> make another Bat Album without Jim. WE made a Jim Album
> not with Jim aboard physically but with him in our hearts
> and minds all the time - that´s for sure! I´m totally
> thrilled with NBAMN II more than with everything else I
> heard in the last year (ok, the Batman Demos aside and the
> Dream Engine performances maybe ;-)).
> You may all have read my "liner notes" (Justin?) and some
> dreams will never come true but at least we HAVE dreams!
> Why has life the heart of a serpent? Maybe because we´ve
> all got such dirty minds that all we ever do is dream
> pollution? I don´t know but Justin, you´re not the only
> one. That doesn´t help a bit, I know, but it´s the truth.
> Heads up, heart open, mind open and let life come!
> Here comes the review, brutal, honest but never meant to
> be disrespectful or insulting because that´s something no
> one here has deserved!
> Overture / Bat: Brian, Baal, you both rock! I love this
> track and I really hope someday we´ll get a full
> contribution by Baal because he´s another great and
> talented Jimfan.
> What Part Of My Body Hurts The Most? : Well, of course the
> best track on the album. ;-) Just kidding, let´s move on.
> Everything Is Permtitted: Ryan, you have proofed your
> talent before and again, a nice rendition of this song.
> Not single wrong note and I like this. What I still don´t
> like is the overdramatic vibrato ALL over the place. FOR
> ME a bit too much, but still a nice one. The mic problems
> I had just like you but somehow we´ll fix it. :)
> Remembering My Youth: Smeg, that´s not were it was but
> were it belongs to, this record. I liked the spoken parts
> in every Jim album before and I like your contributions.
> You´re made for them. Please do it again if the time has
> come.
> Die Unstillbare Gier: Brian, your sound alone is
> fascinating this time but what you do with this oh so
> loved instrument is sooo beautiful even if you´re not
> "the" perfect player just like most of us are not the
> perfect singers. I´d love to sing to this sometime again
> like I did with Wolfgang in Stuttgart but with you on
> piano. (--> http://www.carpe-jugulum.com/markus/steinjam/
> )
> Teenager In Love: Aaron, you have to team up with Smeg
> sometime and submit some nice YMCA piece. ;-) Great!
> In The Land Of The Pig, The Butcher Is King: Average slap
> bass-line? Gavan, I think your other description of this
> sound fits perfect and works very well! So does your voice
> and the rest of the music! Still wonder why we need Meat´s
> version after having Rob´s and now yours! One of my
> biggest hits on the album.
> Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through: Stroke, I really like
> this stripped down guitar version by you. I´m not so shure
> about the singing but please do it again! If you listen to
> Part One of this CD you´ll recognize we all improved. Btw,
> your liner notes are great and I think that´s something of
> Jim´s magic: The music alone tells the words because when
> I first heard BAT I I was so thrilled with the music and
> Meat´s vocals that I "thought" I understood every bit
> without knowing much of english language. :)
> Whistle Down The Wind: Laurie, this is just beautiful!
> There´s not much more I can say, it´s beautiful. :)
> Heaven Can Wait: And another highlight! Why we´re NOT in
> the charts I´ll never understand... Great Mathias! I did
> this song too once and you beat me - completely. Have to
> try it again. Nice that it wasn´t your intention. ;)
> Elnemmúló vágy: Sándor, damn you´re pro as it seems! I
> first complained about it but you´re a fan and so all I
> can say: Wonderful! One of the best Krolocks I´ve ever
> heard. Steve Barton, Michael Nicholson, Sándor Venyige.
> Better as Kevin Tarte. That says it all.
> Left In The Dark: Andrew, even though your voice is
> probably not the best out there I found the emotion in
> your voice very convincing and your version of this song
> definitely touched me and is one of my favourites on this
> album! All instruments by yourself? How the hell??? Wow.
> Another Standing Ovation.
> Finale Act One: Brian, why isn´t the finale not the final
> song!? ;) Well, of course it doesn´t matter. Nothing
> should matter to you, me or anyone else when it comes to
> this record! It doesn´t matter to me if someone likes my
> two songs or not because I like them and I know I tried my
> best and so did all people here. Brian, I could listen to
> you play the piano all night long...
> É Sötét vágy: Nothing new here but another great voice
> joined in! It´s a too good!
> So now I´ll close the book for now as I have to go out.
> Part Two will follow later. Please voice your opinions
> people!
> Markus.

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