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re: NBAMN II - thanks!

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Vin 07:56 am MST 02/12/07
In reply to: NBAMN II - thanks! - AndrewG 12:30 pm MST 02/11/07

Surprisingly light response on NBAMN II on the board so far, I think. I know personally, I've been trying to digest it properly before sounding off, but I might be ready.

Andrew, I definitely enjoy your LitD. Eerily similar to Jim's in spots, (like the voice on the whispered line near the end), and pleasantly switched up in a couple of spots, as well, like the piano part during the bridge, and the delivery on a couple of the lines.

Sean's Heaven Can Wait is awesome, probably the best vocal on the album, IMO, and dude, whoever said you sounded like Meat Loaf Prime wasn't lying. I really enjoy this track.

I am enjoying the piano instrumentals immensely, particularly the opening track and BMV's LitD.

Markus and Ryan are as vocally solid as I'd been lead to believe, but hadn't heard. Markus, my only suggestion is take the volume up a notch: I generally have to skip your tracks on the train ride because, even at full ipod volume, I can't hear your voice over the train rumbling.

Ryan is a character and a half. Distinct vocals and sounds older than his years. A little heavy on the vibrato to some ears, I'm sure, (an egregious sin of my own, I know) but I like it. Suitably dramatic style, certainly. Probably a more enjoyable EiP than Meat's. "Confessions" is great.

RnR Dreams - I actually like this arrangement better than any of Jim's.

Pig - Very cool. But dude, why drop the "bugger off" bit?

Weird thing with PBTDL, Total Eclipse and the non-english tracks (and pardon me for not recalling who all did what): these are probably the best tracks on the album from a production stand-point, but for me, they sound TOO professional for this record. Especially with the foreign language tunes, I feel like I'm listening to the Tanz soundtrack (only in a different language that I don't understand, instead of the language that I don't understand that I'm used to hearing them in.) Is it fair to critique a performance as being "too good?" Its kind of like the ringer at the karaoke bar: better than everybody else, but not what you came out to see that night.

Kudos to the Smegs for the cool spoken word performances, and for Mrs. Smeg's lullabye-sweet TFAWIUTB.

Laurie's WDtW is also very nicely done.

'Mouche's MNP is, again, stellar. I can only assume that a LOT of time and love was put into this track. Outside of the lyrics, the music, particularly the piano bits, sound very Stein-like to me, which is obviously a huge compliment.
I love the singing of the "rodents" line; too funny, so incongruous. Who are the female vocalists? They are excellent. Their non-yankee accents are an especially pleasant flourish.

Cry to Heaven - He may have the sexiest name on the planet, but this wanker's submission is out-classed nine ways to Sunday. He's very likely embarassed to even be included in the set at all. I know I would be. Sheesh.

With apologies to anyone I'm leaving out. Top to bottom, NBAMN II is an exceptional Jim Steinman experience, that leaves me wondering how many other musical artists have comparably wacked-out fans. Can there be many more that take fandom this far, which is of course TOO far, which is of course just right in the world of Jim Steinman.

> Glad many of you liked my version of Left. I think there
> are some real gems on the album with most songs containing
> something really interesting (good music /good vocals /
> good music etc).
> Most certainly Scaramouche's song I think contains that
> special Jim Steinman sound/feeling (which ironically I
> find is lacking on Bat3!). The ending ("all we do is dream
> pollution") was a perfect way to end this great fan album.
> I also love the "Lonely girls" bit. I really hope Jim will
> review the album song by song himself.
> I found my own song to sound a bit soft on the album but
> that is entirely my fault I guess. In any case I've put up
> a remixed version on my site if anyone wants to check it
> out.
> All the best to all and thanks to Brian to making NBAMN II
> happen!,
> Andrew
> ps. Congrats to Pud on Micro-pud!

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