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re: NBAMN II - thanks!

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Laci 09:48 am MST 02/12/07
In reply to: re: NBAMN II - thanks! - Vin 07:56 am MST 02/12/07

Let tell you something about foreighn language performances. I am the siner, it was my idea to put this song into NBAMN II Sandor Venyige is a pro singer and teacher. The girs are his students. Lyrics are pro translated too by Attila Valla.
TEOTH is only a demo, lyrics was writen in a night, Halali a halal is live performace from a school koncert.
I think, the song are good and maybe professionaly done, but they have one mistake - the singers and translator dont have richts for them. So, that is the reason, I tought it could be good to show this song to other steinfans. It is not a shame to be a pro singer and a steinmaniac. Or is?


PS: sorry for my gramar

> Surprisingly light response on NBAMN II on the board so
> far, I think. I know personally, I've been trying to
> digest it properly before sounding off, but I might be
> ready.
> Andrew, I definitely enjoy your LitD. Eerily similar to
> Jim's in spots, (like the voice on the whispered line near
> the end), and pleasantly switched up in a couple of spots,
> as well, like the piano part during the bridge, and the
> delivery on a couple of the lines.
> Sean's Heaven Can Wait is awesome, probably the best vocal
> on the album, IMO, and dude, whoever said you sounded like
> Meat Loaf Prime wasn't lying. I really enjoy this track.
> I am enjoying the piano instrumentals immensely,
> particularly the opening track and BMV's LitD.
> Markus and Ryan are as vocally solid as I'd been lead to
> believe, but hadn't heard. Markus, my only suggestion is
> take the volume up a notch: I generally have to skip your
> tracks on the train ride because, even at full ipod
> volume, I can't hear your voice over the train rumbling.
> Ryan is a character and a half. Distinct vocals and
> sounds older than his years. A little heavy on the
> vibrato to some ears, I'm sure, (an egregious sin of my
> own, I know) but I like it. Suitably dramatic style,
> certainly. Probably a more enjoyable EiP than Meat's.
> "Confessions" is great.
> RnR Dreams - I actually like this arrangement better than
> any of Jim's.
> Pig - Very cool. But dude, why drop the "bugger off"
> bit?
> Weird thing with PBTDL, Total Eclipse and the non-english
> tracks (and pardon me for not recalling who all did what):
> these are probably the best tracks on the album from a
> production stand-point, but for me, they sound TOO
> professional for this record. Especially with the foreign
> language tunes, I feel like I'm listening to the Tanz
> soundtrack (only in a different language that I don't
> understand, instead of the language that I don't
> understand that I'm used to hearing them in.) Is it fair
> to critique a performance as being "too good?" Its kind
> of like the ringer at the karaoke bar: better than
> everybody else, but not what you came out to see that
> night.
> Kudos to the Smegs for the cool spoken word performances,
> and for Mrs. Smeg's lullabye-sweet TFAWIUTB.
> Laurie's WDtW is also very nicely done.
> 'Mouche's MNP is, again, stellar. I can only assume that
> a LOT of time and love was put into this track. Outside
> of the lyrics, the music, particularly the piano bits,
> sound very Stein-like to me, which is obviously a huge
> compliment.
> I love the singing of the "rodents" line; too funny, so
> incongruous. Who are the female vocalists? They are
> excellent. Their non-yankee accents are an especially
> pleasant flourish.
> Cry to Heaven - He may have the sexiest name on the
> planet, but this wanker's submission is out-classed nine
> ways to Sunday. He's very likely embarassed to even be
> included in the set at all. I know I would be. Sheesh.
> With apologies to anyone I'm leaving out. Top to bottom,
> NBAMN II is an exceptional Jim Steinman experience, that
> leaves me wondering how many other musical artists have
> comparably wacked-out fans. Can there be many more that
> take fandom this far, which is of course TOO far, which is
> of course just right in the world of Jim Steinman.
> > Glad many of you liked my version of Left. I think there
> > are some real gems on the album with most songs containing
> > something really interesting (good music /good vocals /
> > good music etc).
> > Most certainly Scaramouche's song I think contains that
> > special Jim Steinman sound/feeling (which ironically I
> > find is lacking on Bat3!). The ending ("all we do is dream
> > pollution") was a perfect way to end this great fan album.
> > I also love the "Lonely girls" bit. I really hope Jim will
> > review the album song by song himself.
> >
> > I found my own song to sound a bit soft on the album but
> > that is entirely my fault I guess. In any case I've put up
> > a remixed version on my site if anyone wants to check it
> > out.
> >
> > All the best to all and thanks to Brian to making NBAMN II
> > happen!,
> >
> > Andrew
> > ps. Congrats to Pud on Micro-pud!

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