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Celebrity Apprentice

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Marvello 03:52 pm MST 03/15/11

Word is that his royal loafness is gonna be appearing in the next series.

By Evan Agostini, AP
Singer Meat Loaf loved making new friends among his Celebrity Apprentice castmates. "There's a real closeness," he says. "I never texted before in my life and now I've been texting (to) keep in touch."
Dig deeper and we learn that a few days before the Apprentice called, Meat Loaf had watched another rocker, Bret Michaels, declared the winner on a season in which Meat Loaf found himself captivated and inspired by Michaels, Cyndi Lauper and especially Sharon Osbourne.
But if you don't want to see someone of Meat Loaf's pedigree doing a reality show, he'll "completely understand" because he himself can't bear to watch his former Los Angeles neighbor Steven Tyler on American Idol.
"I think Steven is one of the great rock vocalists of all time," he says. "I have so much respect for him (but) there's just something about me that says, 'I love Steven but I don't want to see him on American Idol. I just don't.' So there may be some people out there that feel the same way about me (and think), 'God, I can't believe Meat Loaf is on Celebrity Apprentice. I just can't watch him on that.'"
Regardless of what his fans think, Meat Loaf, known for his powerful rock opera Bat Out of Hellalbum, enjoyed his time on Apprentice. Especially getting to know his castmates, who include musicians like Mark McGrath, Lil Jon and John Rich.
"You'll see singing, believe me there was singing," he assures us about his time spent with his new "friends for life" who also include Oscar-winning actress Marlee Matlin. "There's a real closeness," he says. "I never texted before in my life and now I've been texting (to) keep in touch."
The soon-to-be first time grandfather, still touring after forty years, credits his performance stamina to his high school and "a tiny bit" of college football days.
"I grew up in Texas so there was a mentality that you took out onto that field, and I've utilized that for everything I've done in show business: If you're going to go, you do it. You don't hold anything back because if you hold back, you're going to get hurt. And, that's kind of true in show business. I just don't hold back."
What's next for Meat Loaf, who has acted in more than 50 films, and on-and-off Broadway?
"That's probably more in my future than music," he says of the acting. He's disappointed in the lack of attention for his last album, Hang Cool Teddy Bear. "I beat my head against the wall this year with music. ... Peace on Earth, if U2 had done it, they would have declared it the second coming. It's that kind of song. It's powerful," says Loaf about the opening song on the album which is based on a soldier who's dying and his life is flashing forward instead of backwards.
He's hopeful that the Apprentice may bring some more attention to Teddy Bear. It took nine months for Bat Out of Hell to soar, the singer reminds. Either way, he won't give up. "My whole 2009, 2010, other than the fact that the record didn't get the attention, has been so positive," he says. "I'm not going to give up on the record. I've been in the business for 44 years, so I'm a fighter. I'm not going to stop fighting until somebody throws me to the ground and ties me up and tells me 'You can't fight with us anymore.'"

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