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Don Claude Devious: Cannibal Rapture

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steven_stuart 02:21 pm MST 03/21/11
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Ryan, I thought I would transfer this post from the other "Confidence Man" thread because I really enjoyed reading it. Did you start a new thread because the other one became too long and complicated?

I actually think that "Cannibal Rapture" talk is relevant in this "Confidence Man" thread because both "Cannibal Rapture" and "Confidence Man" are low budget productions.

One has already worked on stage and the other will work in the near future (I just know it).

Does anybody know who the poster called "Chika" is? He or she must be a big "Don Claude Devious" fan because he or she is using the DCD artwork as their avatar. I know that Gibson is a fan and I'm glad to see that Chika is too.

> > > Being totally realistic here, of course. I don't really
> > > doubt it, but I have to, you know, in case? Don't want to
> > > be disappointed. Does this make sense?
> >
> > It makes sense but you love the "Don Claude" musicals and
> > you have been working on them for ten years.
> I know. But I've come to believe that you should never be
> too confident. You're always going to get a rude surprise.
> And you should prepare for that.
> So I'm expecting the worst and hoping for the best. Of
> course I believe in it. Of course I love it with all my
> heart. And I'll do anything to make the story work, the
> story that I've been working on for years. But I don't
> expect people to think that it's the greatest musical in
> decades (Of course it would be lovely if they did.) I just
> hope that they have a good time. I just hope that they
> remember it in the end.
> And I hope that it's not as bad as "Carrie" and "Dance of
> the Vampires" on Broadway (Even though they both had
> brilliant moments.)
> David Bowie
> > was asked how he became a pop star and he replied: "By
> > pretending that I was a pop star when I wasn't one." If
> > you have the confidence of a Richard O'Brien, then
> > "Cannibal Rapture" might enjoy the same kind of success
> > that "Rocky Horror Show" did.
> I guess I am as confident as Richard O'Brien when he was
> working on "Rocky Horror" (one of the original titles was
> "They came from Denton High") otherwise I wouldn't have
> pursued it, and he wouldn't have pursued "Rocky Horror".
> Btw, I love the history of that musical. You know it
> started out in the Royal Court Theatre Upstairs in this
> tiny little theatre and now it's the greatest cult musical
> of all time. If that happened with our musical, and people
> admired us and we were inspiring other writers, I guess I
> could die a fulfilled person. That would be good enough
> for me.
> But my ultimate dream...!
> Especially if you play one
> > of the roles yourself (you are, after all, a brilliant
> > singer).
> I probably should, you know, but I want to be able to
> watch the musical come to life with the audience around
> me. For ten years, I've wanted to have that experience.
> But I won't have to really sit with the audience. I'll be
> above in the lighting and sound area, with the composer,
> watching it taking place below us. But maybe I could sit
> with the audience for one of the performances...
> You shouldn't see the production you are doing as
> > small. "Rocky Horror Show" started in a very small venue
> > for experimental theatre in The Royal Court Theatre
> > building (I think).
> That's how I'm viewing the production, like the original
> production of "Rocky Horror". It's not going to be much,
> set-wise and etc, but it's still going to be an
> experience.
> Maybe you should just get totally into
> > it and direct it yourself. Do more for "Cannibal Rapture"
> > than Richard did for "Rocky Horror" or Jim is doing for
> > "BOOH". You never know what might happen. A music biz
> > executive might see it and turn it into a popular album
> Well, we're inviting some important people so we'll see
> what happens. Expecting the worst and hoping for the
> best...
> > (both Conas and I think that "Cannibal Rapture" is a
> > really cool title - the public will too - I almost wish
> > that you would remove "Don Claude" from the title -
> > although I may be getting myself into trouble here - hee
> > hee).
> No, no, that's fine. It's possible that it may be an
> alternate title. Many films have alternate titles, e.g.
> "Snow White: A Tale of Terror" is also known as "Snow
> White in the Black Forest", or Disney's "The Black
> Cauldron" and "The Great Mouse Detective" are also
> referred to as "Taran and the Magic Cauldron" and "The
> Adventures of the Great Mouse Detective" or "Basil, the
> Great Mouse Detective". This happens a LOT. (An alternate
> title for "Neverland"... "Bat out of Hell: The Musical" :D
> )
> There are all sorts of things that might happen as a
> > result of the October production. And once you have
> > established yourself in Australia, then the rest of the
> > world will be next. Look at how many Australians have
> > conquered the world. Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan, Stuart
> > Beattie, Robert Stigwood, Nicole Kidman, to name just a
> > few.
> Yes, we need another famous writer like Stuart Beattie, I
> think.
> I think you have to tell yourself that "Cannibal
> > Rapture" is going to be fantastic and that it will be you
> > who makes sure that it is.
> I think it will be fantastic because I will try to make it
> fantastic but I'm not expecting it to be mind blowingly
> fantastic, the best musical since "Sunday in the Park with
> George", and the new Renaissance.
> Not that you have ever implied that, but I just had to say
> that. That's what I've been getting at when I was being
> totally realistic.
> I'm really enjoying this thread. Thank you.

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