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rockfenris2005 06:53 am MST 03/25/11
In reply to: George Perry - steven_stuart 06:24 pm MST 03/23/11

> > And I've said this to you before, but I love George
> > Perry's "Phantom" book. I remember coming across a copy
> > when I was about 17. I am being totally honest here, but I
> > was completely entranced by this book for the rest of that
> > night. I couldn't put it down.
> >
> > But I had to return it to the library after a fortnight.
> >
> > Finally, last year, I got my copy and I treasure it a lot.
> > I always enjoy reading it and it's the most thoroughly
> > researched and impressive document on "Phantom" I have
> > ever seen, though I have heard good things about the
> > Annotated Phantom as well.
> I have read George's books and I have read your writing
> about theatre history. I am convinced that you could write
> books like George if you wanted to.

That's something else I would like to do, write novels and perhaps history, but later on in my life.

I like to think I know my stuff but George towers over me. His "Phantom" book is just terrific. And I REALLY want to read "Sunset Boulevard" now.

What did you think of it? Did you think they did a good job adapting the film to the stage? Were there too many changes? Was it too faithful?

I thought it was terrific, much better than "Love Never Dies" with that awful storyline.

There can be a lot of
> money in it. George says that the "Phantom" book (his most
> successful in his career) paid for his son to attend
> Westminster Boy's School (which ain't cheap).

Well deserved, if you ask me.
> > Actually, I heard the Really Useful Group were giving out
> > copies in a "Phantom" competition, which is wonderful.
> Oh. That's interesting. What was the competition?

I can't remember now. I'll have to find out again.
> > I wasn't successful in getting my copy of his "Sunset
> > Boulevard" book, which I've known about for quite some
> > time, but I will get there in the end.
> Do you mean its not available? You can have my copy.

It shows up on eBay, but the last few times I've seen it they didn't want to ship outside the UK :(
> > I was hoping he would have written a book for "Love Never
> > Dies" but that was before I knew the storyline of the show
> > and I'm now glad that he hasn't.
> I think his "BOOH" book will be better than a "Love Never
> Dies" book.

OMG, yes. I'm hanging out for just the book ALONE. Whatever price, I shall pay for it. I want the first edition, haha.

Some negative people have suggested that
> George Perry got the "BOOH" job because he is married to
> Frances Perry but I think you would be willing to testify
> that he is a brilliant writer. Its actually just a fluke
> that he is married to a producer.

Yes, I'd be willing to testify. Everybody should read his "Phantom" book if they have ANY interest in the musical.
> You say about a "Love Never Dies" book but George
> completed a "Jesus Christ Superstar" book ages ago. For
> some strange legal reason, it can't be published. I am not
> sure if its Stigwood or Land or ALW/Tim Rice causing the
> problem. I am researching it and trying to get to the
> bottom of it. I would so love to see a great "JCS" book
> published.

I would DEFINITELY love to see that.
> Elva is trying to push George to fight for it. Especially
> because "JCS" is coming back into fashion. The new Kenny
> Ortega arena tour will make it even bigger. Apparently,
> ALW was watching Michael Jackson's "This Is It" film and
> he said: "Get me Kenny Ortega! I want him for Superstar!"

Yes, the time seems just right! It's now the 40th anniversary of the album, remember? Wait, it's the 40th anniversary of the original Broadway production. The album was released in 1970.

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