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re: Getting revved up?

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rockfenris2005 01:49 am MST 02/01/17
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Tbh, I've been pretty nervous and dubious about this whole thing from the announcement. Advertising is awesome though. Reminds me of the golden days of DeWynters. And I always wanted "Bat" to have that kind of iconic advertising, not something "dodgy". Anyway, just haven't been sure. But I said, I'm not reserving judgement until they've opened it, and Manchester is a tryout I think which means they're going to be making changes.
"The King and I" was like four hours long when they were trying it out originally, and it didn't have the now famous "Getting to know you", and they'd just had a massive hit with "South Pacific" too. Someone actually advised them when they saw it just to close the show. So you don't know.

There's also the famous story about the opening to Sondheim's musical "A funny thing happened on the way to the forum" where it just wasn't working. And then he wrote "Comedy tonight" and it was a hit.

THIS footage here has been a real "turn around" for me more than anything else. I'm LOVING the sound of the music and the voices, just with the piano. I think they've captured the essence of it, and doesn't feel like watered down Desmond Child "Bat 3" or whatever. So that's a big relief for me! And honestly had chills come over me when I heard "What part of my body hurts the most?"
Now everything depends on how it comes together as a whole. And you're not going to get that from this clip.

I've heard some things about the choreography, but it's the sets that are "scaring" me. I was a big critic of Bob Crowley's designs for the London "Love never dies" and then Gabriela Tylesova did the most amazing designs for the Melbourne show which is how it should have been, what I expected. They were as sumptuous as any of the great ALW productions. But again, I'm not reserving judgement until... but I'm concerned.

Also, I just remember getting really REALLY excited about "Dance of the Vampires" the moment they announced Michael Crawford. This freaking stunned me. I just came here one day and there was a big announcement posted on the site and OMG. That was seismic for me. Holy cow, Crawford's working with Steinman on the American "Vampires". Jim's made it. He's going to be like ALW now.

And "Batman" was coming up too, with Burton directing.

NOT what happened though!!! I live in hope.

> For the average person the song choice will be fine and
> what i have heard so far sounds very good
> I guess with any Jukebox musical there will always be some
> worry as to how the songs will bed into the story.
> And for us fans knowing what we do as far as Neverland and
> its history it will be interesting to hear what they have
> for us.
> So yes there will always be a part of me that wishes
> someone would say to Jim,"Here is a blank cheque ,go make
> the version of Neverland you have in your head" .but i am
> thrilled that this show is happening as it is.
> > https://youtu.be/Mt8V76znyLY
> >
> > So, what are we thinking based on what's been released?

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