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re: New Bonnie Interview

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nowhere_fast 05:51 am MST 02/02/17
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Good interview.Love how honest she is

> Botox user Bonnie Tyler says Ďdonít go mad on fillers or
> youíll look like a puppetí
> BONNIE Tyler is in New Zealand, where sheís just toured
> with Icehouse and the Alan Parsons Project.
> It turns out the Welsh singer, best known for Total
> Eclipse Of the Heart, Holding Out For a Hero, Itís a
> Heartache and Lost In France, includes New Zealand as part
> of her extensive global real estate portfolio.
> ďMyself and my husband own a 217 hectare farm we bought in
> 1988 as an Angora production farm, but the bottom went out
> of that business. We lease it now to a dairy farmer. Itís
> a beautiful farm. Itís an investment for my old age
> darling. Weíve got a shop in the town too, donít ask me
> what it is, we just own the property.Ē
> Does she visit the farm when sheís on tour in New
> Zealand?
> ďIíve seen it before. Once youíve seen it a few times a
> farm is a farm really, isnít it?Ē
> What other properties do you own?
> My husband Robert is good at investing. Weíve got a quarry
> in South Wales, most of the roads come from that. Weíve
> got 65 stables outside of London but I donít know anything
> about horses, we just rent the yard out. Weíve got a
> beautiful house in Portugal, but my home is in South
> Wales.
> Is real estate more lucrative than music?
> Bricks and mortar, you canít go wrong.
> Meat Loaf released an album last year that was full of old
> Jim Steinman songs. One of them, Skull of Your Country,
> features the line ĎTurn around bright eyesí Steinman would
> later use on Total Eclipse of the Heart. Whatís your
> knowledge of the history of that song?
> Jim told me he started writing Total Eclipse of the Heart
> with Meat Loaf in mind. But in the end he didnít give it
> to Meat Loaf he gave it to me! Iím very happy about that,
> as you can imagine.
> The story goes Jim Steinman summonsed you to his apartment
> in New York to hear Total Eclipse of the Heart. What are
> your memories of that day.
> Oh my God! Yes he played it to me in the offices of his
> manager at the time, in New York. I remember thinking
> ĎHeís going to give me this song? This is amazingí. It was
> a really big turning point in my career. Iíd already had
> hits in America with country rock, Itís a Heartache was
> huge over there. I did two albums with Jim, the second
> wasnít a massive hit but the first one, with Total
> Eclipse, was.
> Thereís claims Jim wrote Total Eclipse of the Heart as a
> Ďvampire love songí.
> I never quite understand that interpretation of it. I just
> think itís about real true love. Itís just a beautiful
> love song as far as Iím concerned.
> Have you seen the literal Total Eclipse of the Heart
> video?
> Itís so funny. The Lego one is brilliant too. Iím on top
> of the balcony with my hands all waving and my head falls
> off.
> he original video was filmed in an old asylum wasnít it?
> Thatís right. It took two days to film it, it was an
> incredible video. I hate making videos. I could never be
> an actor. Hurry up and wait. I canít stand it. The video
> was nominated for a Grammy but I lost to Michael Jackson
> which canít be too bad.
> Another urban myth ó you were meant to duet with Meat Loaf
> on his version of your hit Loving Youís a Dirty Job (But
> Someoneís Gotta Do It) on his new album.
> Iíd heard through the grapevine he said heíd like to duet
> with me, but he didnít get in touch. I might have done it
> if he had, but he didnít ask.
> Random question ó did you ever see Meat Loafís AFL Grand
> Final performance?
> No. Why?
> It wasnít his finest vocal moment. He hasnít been able to
> tour Australia since.
> Oh. Iíve been told his voice has just gone. Maybe in the
> studio heíd be fine.
> Most people donít know you recorded The Best a year before
> Tina Turner had a hit with it.
> We do it in my concerts. A lot of people are shocked, they
> didnít know I did it first. The way I put it in my show is
> one of my all time favourite songs is River Deep Mountain
> High. I used to sing that in my bedroom with a hairbrush
> as a microphone. What goes around comes around, hereís me
> as a kid singing Tina Turner songs then she recorded one
> of my songs. Our versions are slightly different.
> Songs can have lives of their own ...
> I was absolutely sure that song was a hit record. And Tina
> only proved me right, but it wasnít meant to be for me,
> unfortunately. Iíve got to admit her version is fantastic,
> I love it.
> What did you think of Rod Stewart covering Itís a
> Heartache?
> That was great. My ex-manager Ronnie Scott, he wrote it.
> Heís dead now God love him but he would have been over the
> moon about that. Itís great for Ronnie Scottís daughter
> and publishing.
> You didnít write Total Eclipse of the Heart obviously, can
> you control where itís used on TV or in movies at all?
> I canít control it. Itís used everywhere. I donít mind. I
> did an advert for it for a credit card in New Zealand. Bit
> of a piss-take of myself it was to be honest! I was
> dressed as a bloody big angel on a crane in the air. You
> wouldnít believe how many adverts in the UK use that song.
> Youíd think people would be fed up with it by now. Itís
> not always me singing it, mind. Thereís one on at the
> moment with a rugby team singing it.
> Have you been offered a book deal to write your
> autobiography?
> Iíve been offered so many times. Iím not going to do that.
> Iím not interested. I canít be dealing with all that.
> Maybe when Iím 90.
> Thereís no real scandal there though? No drug hell? No
> controversy?
> I suppose as rock stars go, not that I class myself as
> one, itís been a quiet life. I enjoy being successful but
> not mega mega successful. I can have a life.
> What about offers to do reality TV shows?
> I get them all the time. Iíd never do them. They must have
> asked me five times to do Iím a Celebrity ... Get Me Out
> of Here!, Celebrity Big Brother, Strictly Come Dancing. No
> chance. I donít need it. Iím not going to make a fool of
> myself. Besides, I could never go to the jungle, I canít
> stand creepy crawlies, thereís no bloody way I could eat
> one!
> You are one of the handful of celebrities who is honest
> about getting Botox regularly ... why is it such a secret
> still?
> I donít get it. I go twice a year, same as the dentist. I
> donít think I know many girls who havenít had it done.
> Everyoneís having it now. I only get it twice a year.
> Donít go mad on fillers and things like that, you end up
> looking like a puppet. Nothing wrong with a bit of Botox
> on the forehead and on the crowís-feet, thatís fine.
> You turned 65 last year but still tour regularly ...
> Iím getting more work than ever. I love to be on stage,
> but I also love to spend time on my boat in Portugal. I
> have got a band, I donít keep them on a retainer but I
> work a lot and theyíre always there for me. We rock. The
> band are fantastic. We make a lot of noise. I love
> touring.
> The travel is a pain in the neck but it makes a difference
> when youíre in first class. My boys are not, bless them,
> theyíre in economy. They donít mind, except for one of
> them who has legs up to the roof!
> Are you recording new music?
> Iím trying something out with Johnny Carter Cash, weíre
> working in Johnny Cashís old cabin in Nashville. Theyíre
> country flavoured, more like country rock.
> You were one of the many celebrities painted by Rolf
> Harris. You never owned the painting and the owner tried,
> unsuccessfully, to sell it at auction a few years ago.
> Oh god. I never liked it anyway, it was bloody awful. The
> way he did painting was not very flattering, but thatís
> his style. I was quite amazed when I was told it was worth
> $50,000 pounds. I donít think itíd be worth anything now
> heís in jail.

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