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re: Go behind the scenes at Bat Out Of Hell The Musical at Manchester's Opera House

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rockfenris2005 02:54 am MST 02/12/17
In reply to: re: Go behind the scenes at Bat Out Of Hell The Musical at Manchester's Opera House - Max 12:23 am MST 02/12/17

With me, it was always the front cover of Bat 2. I was always enthralled by that imagery. And actually what the narrative was, beyond the obvious that is. It's so lurid, like all the covers really. The clouds are all orange. It's happening on the top of the Chrysler Building, I think. There's a giant mutant bat with an angel like figure strapped to the tower. Why is the bat so large? Is he some kind of demon? The motorcycle has the ability to fly, it would seem, and he's coming down charging at him, going straight at him. And what happens next? The two albums are like snapshots/freeze frames from a big action sequence or something. The COMPELLING question for me is what actually happens next?

And if Meat and Jim had done Bat 3 together, and Jim had been involved with the artwork, WHAT WOULD THAT have been like? We know that Jim would have called the album "The Final At Bat" so there would have been a sense of an ending to it, the bat and the motorcyclist confronting one another for the last time. 'The Very Best of...' artwork pretty much fits with that for me at this point, and there's all this debris everywhere.

But then the Bat could have been 'dead' on the cover.

> I identify so much with what you say about the mystery.
> The inner album art work of Bat2 was especially intriguing
> for me. I used to search for details to unlock some code
> about what "Hell" meant or even who Jim Steinman was.
> Somewhat off topic:
> Part of what is mysterious and paradoxically not
> mysterious about the JimVerse is the archetypal element.
> I don't get the redoing of All Revved Up
> I really like the distinction in the new lyrics between
> something "endless" and something "come true"
> [dunamis/energeia?] but isn't there something more
> immediate about "lonely boy" and "lonely girl"
> >
> > When I first got the chance to sit down and look at
> > something on the web, guess what I typed? Meat Loaf and
> > Jim Steinman. Lol. I don't remember what I found on Meat
> > Loaf. I honestly can't. But Jim, is ingrained.
> >
> > Welcome to Rockman Philharmonic
> > The Jim Steinman Society of the Arts
> >
> > And there's fantasy art which comes from Pandora's Box
> > (which I didn't know at the time.)
> > 'In all of us there is a lawless side like a wild beast
> > that peers out during sleep.'
> >
> > It gives you a real vibe! It felt like entering a gallery
> > or a theatre on the internet, more than just a site, also
> > reflecting the 'Steinman experience' listening to the
> > music, where it felt like. More than music?
> >
> > And if you said 'NO', you got hit with this page:
> > "And it's the backbeat of the city on a Saturday night
> > If you're too scared to jump
> > then you've gotta be shoved
> > It's the howling and the moaning
> > and the crying of the lonely and a
> > Stark raving love."
> >
> > What WAS Dream Pollution? And again, the gallery of
> > despair, with this grotesque hellish artwork, like
> > something from a nightmare or something. And I've asked,
> > and I've google image searched it, and no one so far seems
> > to know what it actually is. But you can see it as well in
> > the Jim opens Pandora's Box video in the background.
> >
> > It was just like an EXPERIENCE. And then you find out
> > about things like 'Pandora's Box', 'Whistle down the
> > wind', 'Dance of the Vampires', which at that point was
> > going to go to Broadway. I read the script in 'The Dream
> > Engine' in awe because it was so dark and wild compared to
> > what I was used to with Jim, but it was consistent with
> > the imagery and the epic nature of the songs, and kind of
> > feeling like. Should I go on? Should I go on?
> >
> > 'Neverland' from memory seemed to be a more toned down
> > version, with songs like "All revved up". I'm glad you
> > finally get to see Neverland!
> >
> > >
> > > Since I was about ten years old I've read/reread the Dream
> > > Engine and Neverland scripts, stared at album covers,
> > > replayed the Bad for Good music videos, interpreted the
> > > artwork on the homepage, and finally I'll (we'll) get to
> > > see Neverland!
> > >
> > > > The huge set has been designed for the world premiere of
> > > > the the musical of Meat Loaf's famous album right her in
> > > > Manchester
> > > >
> > > > 6
> > > > SHARES
> > > > 16:19, 8 FEB 2017UPDATED12:06, 9 FEB 2017
> > > >
> > > >
> > > >
> > > > Images at the link

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