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re: I love you guys! Each and every one.

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mickp 10:18 am MST 02/18/17
In reply to: I love you guys! Each and every one. - Jacqueline 05:21 am MST 02/18/17

Really glad you enjoyed it, continued my lurking in real life I'm afraid but recognised some faces from here, Mr Miller etc!. Sat in great seats with my son behind all the creative talent and producers. Steven Rinkoff chatted to us which was good of him. Great watching Michael Reed's reactions to the numbers, he was making some notes but not much to change in my view!! I think he liked the audience singing along! They seemed thrilled with the audience reaction

> I love you all! Those I met last night, those I met in
> the past, those I've yet to meet.
> What an amazing and wonderful group. No lack of passion
> or intellect in the SteinFamily.
> Jacob, my daughter shows me your family dog every time a
> picture goes up on Facebook. I love you and your lovely
> lady!
> Big Will and Klausin, I want to steal your son. When I
> asked him at the interval how he liked the show and he
> beamed: "Awesome" - I wanted to hug him but I didn't want
> to scare the boy. I love you guys. Beautiful family!
> The Dutch Meat Gang! You always surprise me. We have
> been friends so long. I love you all!
> Gary. You are spectacular. Your quote, I will remember
> forever and requote often. "Jim Steinman touches your
> head, your heart and your crotch." I love you!
> Angie, at long last. My pen pal with the most beautiful
> smile! I love you!
> Ben the historian. You bring this fan community so much.
> I love you!
> Markus and Steffi. Do humans get sweeter? The passion of
> the man who sang Body first. I love you!
> Dave and Julie. So giving, backbones of the SteinFamily.
> I love you both!
> Will of normal height. Quiet but ever present. I love
> you!
> Peter. You damn hunk! If I say more I will be in trouble
> with my husband. ;) I love you!
> Justin, my younger brother and Steiny's son from none. I
> love you!
> So many more, it was silly to start to mention people
> knowing I could not name them all...from the new people
> like Sarah, to the quiet travellers like Wei, the
> beautiful, beautiful girls like Ali and Derya (whose name
> I just misspelled), to my very close friend Michael and
> Rainer who puts up with him :), to the lurkers who finally
> came out of the shadows like Luke, too many to mention by
> name. I love you all. So much!
> Last, but far from least, Steen and his knock out gorgeous
> mother. If anyone ever wondered how Steen got to be so
> handsome - the mystery was solved when we met his mother
> last night! Beautiful. Steen, because there are a lot of
> new people who may not know the SteinHistory, has had the
> Neverland Hotel up and running longer than almost all
> sites on the net! First and best. Thank you too for not
> only baking my daughter cookies but bringing them all the
> way from Denmark! Special people. I LOVE YOU!
> All of you. No lies. Just love. I can't wait to see you
> all again, or to meet you sometime soon!
> Jacqueline

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