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re: I love you guys! Each and every one.

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The_wolf_with_the_red_roses 05:26 pm MST 02/18/17
In reply to: I love you guys! Each and every one. - Jacqueline 05:21 am MST 02/18/17

It was a pleasure to meet you, Jacqueline. You were so lovely in how inclusive you were to us all and making sure we all had our turn to talk about Jim. What a fabulous night it was, my only regret is that Jenny I weren't there with you all longer.

JD, my love to you and yours and, of course, to Jim.

Still giving my (emotional) standing ovation.


> I love you all! Those I met last night, those I met in
> the past, those I've yet to meet.
> What an amazing and wonderful group. No lack of passion
> or intellect in the SteinFamily.
> Jacob, my daughter shows me your family dog every time a
> picture goes up on Facebook. I love you and your lovely
> lady!
> Big Will and Klausin, I want to steal your son. When I
> asked him at the interval how he liked the show and he
> beamed: "Awesome" - I wanted to hug him but I didn't want
> to scare the boy. I love you guys. Beautiful family!
> The Dutch Meat Gang! You always surprise me. We have
> been friends so long. I love you all!
> Gary. You are spectacular. Your quote, I will remember
> forever and requote often. "Jim Steinman touches your
> head, your heart and your crotch." I love you!
> Angie, at long last. My pen pal with the most beautiful
> smile! I love you!
> Ben the historian. You bring this fan community so much.
> I love you!
> Markus and Steffi. Do humans get sweeter? The passion of
> the man who sang Body first. I love you!
> Dave and Julie. So giving, backbones of the SteinFamily.
> I love you both!
> Will of normal height. Quiet but ever present. I love
> you!
> Peter. You damn hunk! If I say more I will be in trouble
> with my husband. ;) I love you!
> Justin, my younger brother and Steiny's son from none. I
> love you!
> So many more, it was silly to start to mention people
> knowing I could not name them all...from the new people
> like Sarah, to the quiet travellers like Wei, the
> beautiful, beautiful girls like Ali and Derya (whose name
> I just misspelled), to my very close friend Michael and
> Rainer who puts up with him :), to the lurkers who finally
> came out of the shadows like Luke, too many to mention by
> name. I love you all. So much!
> Last, but far from least, Steen and his knock out gorgeous
> mother. If anyone ever wondered how Steen got to be so
> handsome - the mystery was solved when we met his mother
> last night! Beautiful. Steen, because there are a lot of
> new people who may not know the SteinHistory, has had the
> Neverland Hotel up and running longer than almost all
> sites on the net! First and best. Thank you too for not
> only baking my daughter cookies but bringing them all the
> way from Denmark! Special people. I LOVE YOU!
> All of you. No lies. Just love. I can't wait to see you
> all again, or to meet you sometime soon!
> Jacqueline

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