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Bat Out Of Hell Musical - let's make the 12 hour version!

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angie 08:48 am MST 02/22/17
In reply to: re: Jim - Only one addition to the show..... - Ali 03:11 pm MST 02/21/17

I'm pretty sure we could come up with the "and I can never go home again" version of the musical that contains every Jim Steinman song (that isn't already in another musical). And you'd need to book a week at a hotel to see it. XD

I just can't remember the exact order of talking between songs in order to insert extra bits effectively.

So yeah - how about... there's a bit somewhere - probably after Paradise but before Raven leaves, where her parents just get even worse.

Sloane goes off on one and drunkenly sings "Life is a Lemon and I Want My Money Back", while perched upon a pile of gold. =D

And then she decides she's going to leave! And she lets Falco know and he actually notices for once, and launches himself into "I'll Kill You If You Don't Come Back".

And she leaves anyway, but there's nowhere really to go. She ends up in a dive off in the deep-end (the one in the "If you were a woman and I was a man" music video), and there's loads of Stark Raving Love going off. And Sloane gets together with the Lost member who ends up singing third verse of Objects In The Rear View Mirror (I forgot his name, sorry).

While Falco is out hunting his wife and shooting at random Lost on the way while singing "Lost Boys [BLAM] And Golden Girls [BLAMM!]" like a lunatic, Strat's visiting Raven and then we get Bad For Good (or at least, most of it). (He kind of seems too decent for Bad For Good!)

And then we get back to the story as normal; hearts rhyming etc.


After Bat Out Of Hell...

Falco arrives at The Dive, where *that one who sings third verse of Objects* is Ravishing his wife, who actually steps up and confronts Falco and sings "I'm Gonna Love Her For Both Of Us" (though the line "I always thought of you as one of my brothers" needs to change).

And... that's how he captures all of the Lost and sticks 'em in a cage.

Hmmmm. What next? I could go on all day... :D Feel free to join in...

Needs more Bonnie Tyler tracks. BTW - is anyone else thinking what I'm thinking - that this musical is quietly marking Meat Loaf's official retirement, so the songs are up for grabs, but Bonnie's still going, so those songs don't get included.


> I desperately want them to add in the rest of Out if the
> frying pan actually... also Bad for Good...
> I think whatever they'd put in we'd always be left wanting
> more. They should do a special all day show sometime where
> they just use every Steinman song ever written!
> > Please can you add the "Bless all the Girls" section from
> > I'll Kill You if You Don't Come back, possibly with new
> > lyrics.
> >
> > Possibly the greatest section of any song you have
> > written. I guarantee it will bring the house down.
> >
> > Anyone else agree????

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