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re: My other Strat is a vampire..

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angie 10:53 pm MST 02/25/17
In reply to: My other Strat is a vampire.. - angie 10:15 pm MST 02/25/17

I don't think I made it clear. Raven was still Christina Bennington this week, I just forgot her name. :)

And Tink (which my phone's autocorrect wants me to write as Rink) was good as before - if not better. :)

Oh and the "don't let Strat call off the stage and die" precaution - he doesn't run onto the stage at the end of Anything For Love, he turns up on a motorbike. :D


> Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me... I went and
> saw BOOHTM again last night and got to see the understudy
> Strat perform.
> He plays the role really differently! I said to my partner
> during intermission - not sure about this Strat, he's a
> bit sparkly vampire. And he said - not sure about sparkly,
> he was thinking Angel early series Buffy. And I agreed -
> Yes! Especially when he turns up in her bedroom suddenly.
> (Though he wasn't invited...)
> I didn't think he was as good as Andrew Polec at singing,
> and he didn't have that charismatic insane natural leader
> thing going on, but it was really interesting to see how
> differently the role was played.
> The girl playing Raven was much, much better though. She
> really shone, I thought she did loads better than on
> opening night. Also, she seemed to play it much darker.
> She was really good.
> Falco & Sloane were as good as before. Which is spot on.
> :) Falco's accent didn't slip at all this time.
> There was a different Jagwire too - this time he's white
> and kind of looks like the guy who plays Hawkeye in Marvel
> films :) He didn't seem to idolise Zahara as much as the
> other Jagwire, didn't stand out as much.
> Zahara - still really good but wasn't as omg fantastic as
> last week.
> You really do see a lot more sitting near the front. Like
> the giant neon FALCO sign on his tower in the opening
> scene, and bats flying overhead at the end.
> The Bad For Good poster in Raven's room was in a different
> place too, so it was visible at the start. It was on the
> wall next to her bed. The poster you see later on, where
> the Bad For Good poster was last week, became a STRAT
> poster.
> The singing and dancing from the lost seemed better last
> week. They didn't seem as in sync with each other this
> time.
> Those are all the differences I can think of right now.
> It's like, 5am and I'm in a hotel room, unable to sleep.
> :)

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