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re: Thoughts on Bat

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Steve10086 02:37 am MST 03/06/17
In reply to: re: Thoughts on Bat - Jacqueline 04:11 pm MST 03/05/17

Thanks Jacqueline. It is incredibly rare to find a forum like this on the internet where you can actually speak your mind and be allowed to have your own opinions without being banned just for not towing the line.

The thing that the Bat musical does get 100% perfect is the songs - they sound as truly amazing as they actually are, and it's a thrill to hear. Except for "Who Needs The Young" which I have to say I dislike intensely.

I just struggle with some of the other aspects of it.

One thing I hadn't mentioned before was the choreography, which I honestly felt was laughable. Some really cheesy moves, and sometimes it distracts from what's happening on stage - I think it was "It Just Won't Quit" that was a prime example.

You're spot on about Rob and Andrew - very impressive performances (and not just because Rob is basically sex on legs!).

I am praying for a cast recording as the show sounds so good, and to have a recording of that stunning performance of "What Part of My Body" would be brilliant.

I am very nervous for the reviews as I see lots of comparisons to We Will Rock You being made. I'm afraid the show will be considered a "jukebox" musical, which in musical theatre circles is not a good thing. I know Jim has been writing these songs for years, as part of the world he's been creating all that time, but the resulting show feels very contrived with a lot of scenes happening purely to allow the song to be sung. I think I was just hoping for something "better" - like Tanz der Vampire, which is a true musical, and an incredibly good one.

I hope the set fits better in London. I'm seeing it from the front of the Stalls again, so am a little nervous. The Coliseum has a massive orchestra pit though, so hopefully it won't be as "in your face" as Manchester.

> Thanks you for sharing your thoughts and experiences.
> It's good to get all takes on the show early in the run.
> They need to be clear if seats have an obstructed view and
> the stones are a possible issue for all front rows in most
> venues, I assume. Great point. I saw the first two shows
> and loved the first night but really loved the second
> night. I think the show is much more layered than it
> seems at first. The open and close of act 1 ... to
> me....are perfect. The show is not 100% but I didn't feel
> they had far to go get it there. Huge talent...
> especially Andrew and Rob. I think it's great that we can
> disagree and discuss with civility. Seems we have one of
> the few forums like that!

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