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re: It's kicking off

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nowhere_fast 01:16 pm MST 03/08/17
In reply to: re: It's kicking off - Jacqueline 12:08 pm MST 03/08/17

Karines post is gone from Jims page as far as i can see if thats the post we are talking about.As i read the main issue Jim had to start with was why was the post on his page when the thrust of it was directed at you.

Whatever the history and present dealings here. it is a shame that karines album is not happening now and i say that as a Steinfan and a friend in degrees with most involved

> If I came over as attacking, I really am sorry. Looking
> back, I can see how it reads that way. Jim is blunt and he
> never sets out to be hurtful. Blunt in this business
> usually saves time and money but feelings are often hurt
> in the process. I really don't want to be tagged as
> someone against tributes....of any quality...fan with a
> tape recorder or full blown studio stuff... all fabulous
> and Jim adores it too. It was all of this "works closely"
> with Steinman malarkey that got me feeling protective of
> Jim.
> BTW...Jim doesn't have handlers and the post is there...he
> also doesn't edit or delete... I think it's just
> compressed on Facebook under "see more.". That said, I
> suck at Facebook...right Angie :-)
> > I believe jim or one of his handlers deleted the post and
> > comment thread
> >
> > I just thought it was nice we'd get more steinman music
> > professionally released. I don't care about the timing of
> > their announcements and I think it's unfortunate Jim
> > didn't want to give his blessing for it, though that's his
> > prerogative. I'd never force or demand anything from our
> > lord (except maybe to give us more music). I love
> > Karine's voice and was excited to hear her do his songs
> > again.
> >
> > Now I don't want to get into any trouble here or have a
> > heated arguement with anyone. I just want to throw this
> > out there since I like to voice my opinion every once in a
> > while. I have to admit that I felt Jacqueline was
> > attacking the album more than necessary on here and I felt
> > Jim was a bit rude going after Karine's age. But I also
> > think that nothing was overly cruel or hateful. Not
> > enough to make the album not get made at least. But it
> > is what it is. Hopefully we get some good bootlegs of the
> > musical to listen to in the meanwhile. Lol
> >
> >
> >
> > > Have you seen the Karine thread on Jims FB wall? LOL all
> > > he wants to know is why all the shit on his wall. His
> > > phone must be going nutz with notifications. pmsl
> > > I couldnt be arsed reading it all - some people go too
> > > far.

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