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Nothing kicked in my direction :)

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angie 05:45 pm MST 03/08/17
In reply to: re: It's kicking off - Jacqueline 12:08 pm MST 03/08/17

I only saw Karine's initial public post because some other Steinfans commented on it. Whatever's on Jim's FB wall I have no idea about, I think he'd need to add me as a friend or something for it to become visible.

I really don't know what's going on. So, um, hooray?

I've been having a lot of fun in some other corner of Facebook; Moco & Maize inspired me to start writing a Neverland / BOOHTM fanfic, the premise of which Moco ended up really disliking the very idea of. It's fantastic. I only just realised how much I missed those two. :)



> If I came over as attacking, I really am sorry. Looking
> back, I can see how it reads that way. Jim is blunt and he
> never sets out to be hurtful. Blunt in this business
> usually saves time and money but feelings are often hurt
> in the process. I really don't want to be tagged as
> someone against tributes....of any quality...fan with a
> tape recorder or full blown studio stuff... all fabulous
> and Jim adores it too. It was all of this "works closely"
> with Steinman malarkey that got me feeling protective of
> Jim.
> BTW...Jim doesn't have handlers and the post is there...he
> also doesn't edit or delete... I think it's just
> compressed on Facebook under "see more.". That said, I
> suck at Facebook...right Angie :-)
> > I believe jim or one of his handlers deleted the post and
> > comment thread
> >
> > I just thought it was nice we'd get more steinman music
> > professionally released. I don't care about the timing of
> > their announcements and I think it's unfortunate Jim
> > didn't want to give his blessing for it, though that's his
> > prerogative. I'd never force or demand anything from our
> > lord (except maybe to give us more music). I love
> > Karine's voice and was excited to hear her do his songs
> > again.
> >
> > Now I don't want to get into any trouble here or have a
> > heated arguement with anyone. I just want to throw this
> > out there since I like to voice my opinion every once in a
> > while. I have to admit that I felt Jacqueline was
> > attacking the album more than necessary on here and I felt
> > Jim was a bit rude going after Karine's age. But I also
> > think that nothing was overly cruel or hateful. Not
> > enough to make the album not get made at least. But it
> > is what it is. Hopefully we get some good bootlegs of the
> > musical to listen to in the meanwhile. Lol
> >
> >
> >
> > > Have you seen the Karine thread on Jims FB wall? LOL all
> > > he wants to know is why all the shit on his wall. His
> > > phone must be going nutz with notifications. pmsl
> > > I couldnt be arsed reading it all - some people go too
> > > far.

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