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La_Comtesse 05:37 pm MST 12/22/06
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That's cool ! Congrats to Ryan for his stuff being mentioned !

One peculiar thing though,...the website is NOT called 'Dark Knight Of The Soul'.
(Unless there is a newer version than the link I follow).

> http://goodcomics.comicbookresources.com/2006/12/21/comic-book-urban-legends-revealed-82/
> COMIC URBAN LEGEND: Jim Steinman is attempting to make a
> Batman musical.
> STATUS: True
> You may not know who Jim Steinman is just by hearing his
> name, but you probably have heard his work before.
> Steinman is the brains behind the massively successful
> album, Bat out of Hell, with singer Meat Loaf.
> bat-out-of -hell.jpg
> He also wrote hit songs for Bonnie Tyler (”Total Eclipse
> of the Heart”) and Celine Dion (”It’s All Coming Back to
> me Now”).
> jim96.gif
> However, what Steinman has been trying to get off the
> ground for years now, is a musical based on, of all
> things, Batman!
> index.jpg
> He sure loves his bats, huh?
> Interestingly enough, the musical came VERY close to being
> done a little while ago, and Steinman has already written
> the songs for the show (with writer David Ives writing the
> book).
> The website Dark Knight Of The Soul catalogues the
> developments of the musical, and here is how it describes
> what happened:
> Not many people are aware that Warner Bros. Theater
> Ventures, a new wing of one of the most powerful
> entertainment forces in the world, announced a BATMAN
> musical in 1998. Believe it or not, this is true.
> Jim Steinman, creator of Meat Loaf’s Bat Out Of Hell
> saga, was tapped to compose, alongside David Ives, who
> would write the book (the “spoken” parts). The Broadway
> “Premiere” was announced for 2001, which quickly
> deteriorated…
> Then, in 2002, in the lead-up to the premiere of Jim
> Steinman’s “Dance of the Vampires” (at the Minskoff
> Theater, New York) a new break-through was announced. Tim
> Burton, director of the original and much-beloved Batman
> franchise, would helm the stage show for a 2004
> out-of-town try-out and, then, 2005 Broadway premiere!
> Everything seemed perfect. Warner’s were on the verge
> of discovering new heights with their Batman franchise,
> Michael Crawford - one of the greatest stars of the
> musical theatre - was to appear as the lead in “Dance of
> the Vampires” and Steinman’s 30-year struggle to get a
> show on Broadway was nearing an end. However…
> “Vampires”, and Crawford’s performance, severely
> distracted from the show it was based on, still a
> phenomenon in Germany. The show was utterly trashed and
> closed in a matter of months. In the end it played 65
> previews which was more than the 56 (troubled)
> performances it endured.
> In the darkest hours of that production, worked
> continued on “Batman”. Jim Steinman, and his long-time
> recording associate, Steven Rinkoff, met and recorded “The
> Batman Demos” at The Hit Factory, New York. Later, this
> historic studio would be demolished. Rob Evan starred in
> the role of Batman, with Karine Hannah as Catwoman and
> contributions from Elaine Caswell, the original vocalist
> of Steinman’s HIT for Celine Dion “It’s All Coming Back To
> Me Now”, and Steinman himself.
> Believing there was *still* hope for the project,
> while exploring other options, Warner Bros. (supposedly)
> called and announced the project was “cancelled”. Whatever
> the case, none of the announced dates were met. Tim Burton
> has released over four movies since. Steinman is working
> on “Bat Out Of Hell: The Musical”, a spectacular
> co-written with Terry Jones (of Monty Python fame) and
> Warner Bros. produced the mammoth flop “Lestat” as the
> production that *should* have been “Batman”
> However, back in April of 2006, “Lestat” producer Gregg
> Maday stated that “he hasn’t given up on “Batman,” so
> there is hope!
> Dark Knight Of The Soul also helps us by linking to all
> the songs that Steinman wrote for the musical (two of
> which, “In the Land of the Pig the Butcher is King” and
> “Cry to Heaven,” where included on Meat Loaf’s latest
> album), with lyrics and links to Steinman’s released
> versions of the songs. Here are the links.
> As a fan of Steinman’s work, I hope this gets worked out.
> Imagine a Batman musical!!

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