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re: NJC: Compilation of best love songs, with no Jim.

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Evan 10:27 pm MST 12/29/06
In reply to: re: NJC: Compilation of best love songs, with no Jim. - The_Count 12:31 pm MST 12/29/06

I don't think that a best love songs compilation could be complete without at least one song from the great Elvis Presley. Some will probably put him down on this board but Elvis recorded some truly amazing love songs as well as the classic rock hits. There are so many great Elvis love songs I could name from:
Love Me Tender
Loving You
Love Me
Are You Lonesome Tonight
It's Now Or Never
Can't Help Falling In Love

But I think the one song I would stick with above all else would be "Love Me Tender". This is definately Elvis's best love song. I am willing to bet that Jim agrees as well. I remember hearing a story about how Jim told some singger he was going to write him the next "Love Me Tender". I think it's cool that Jim seems to be an Elvis fan.

After Elvis I would include a great song by The Everly Brothers called "Let It Be Me". The lyrics to this song are simply beautiful!

"Unchained Melody" by The Righteous Brothers is another great one.

Then I would also include something by The Platters. Perhaps their classic "Only You". "Twilight Time" is another great one of their's as well.

Lastly or seeing as how I'll make this list short, I would include a song that really illustrates the depths that one will go for his one true love. I would include the classic car crash song "Tell Laura I Love Her". This is a choice that I think Jim would appreciate. "Tell Laura I Love Her" was one of the very first car crash songs but it's more then that. It tells the story of how a guy wants to buy his girl a wedding ring so badly. He ends up entering a stock car race trying to win it's big prize money but instead his car ends up overturning in flames. With his dying breath he is heard saying 'tell Laura I love her'. I think that this song among any other car crash song as the most emotion (excluding "Bat Out Of Hell" of course"). I remember that the first time my mother heard this song she started crying, seriously. We were driving in the car and this song came on and she had never heard it. I told her to listen to it. As she listened and we got to the end of the song she was in tears. That's pretty powerful, especially for a three minute song.

On a sidenote, the last song that made my mother cry was some Christmas song she heard on the radio a few weeks ago. It's about how this cat and mouse are in some house stranded. The cat kept scratching to get out by no one heard him. The weather got very cold and then the cat ran into a mouse. The cat told the mouse he wouldn't eat him and how they would make it through the weather alive. The mouse trusts the cat and in a few days the mouse is rescued. He tells the cat 'we made it out' but it turns out that the cat actually froze to death while covering his body over the mouse to keep him warm. I know this song sounds pretty odd. I've never heard of it so if anyone actually knows the song in question I'd love to know.

> This is a very nice topic.
> My picks would be:
> 1) Dream A Little Dream - Mama Cass
> 2) We Are Each Other - The Beautiful South
> 3) The Best Of My Love - The Eagles
> 4) Fire - The Pointer Sisters
> 5) Chances Are - Johnny Mathis
> I realize this looks eclectic, but that's what
> compilations are for. (Aren't they?) There are loads more
> (and despite not wanting Steinman songs included I really
> think Heaven Can Wait needs to be in this set) but I will
> await contributions from others without monopolising the
> game.
> The Count
> > I've been thinking of making a compilation of the best
> > love songs ever, and I would like some advice so I don't
> > miss any song. (Love in this particular case is the "let's
> > have sex"-kind of love.) No Jim-songs, either.
> >
> > So far I've got the following:
> >
> > Heart - Unchained Melody
> > Dolly Parton - I Will Always Love You
> > Harry Nilsson - Without You
> > Dusty Springfield - You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
> > Christina Aguilera - Save Me From Myself
> > Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood - Some Velvet Morning
> >
> > ...After that I'm kinda stumped. What songs would you guys
> > put?

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