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re: NJC: Compilation of best love songs, with no Jim.

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Jacob 03:11 am MST 12/30/06
In reply to: re: NJC: Compilation of best love songs, with no Jim. - Evan 10:27 pm MST 12/29/06

About that Christmas-song: http://www.catcarol.com/

> I don't think that a best love songs compilation could be
> complete without at least one song from the great Elvis
> Presley. Some will probably put him down on this board but
> Elvis recorded some truly amazing love songs as well as
> the classic rock hits. There are so many great Elvis love
> songs I could name from:
> Love Me Tender
> Loving You
> Love Me
> Are You Lonesome Tonight
> It's Now Or Never
> Can't Help Falling In Love
> But I think the one song I would stick with above all else
> would be "Love Me Tender". This is definately Elvis's best
> love song. I am willing to bet that Jim agrees as well. I
> remember hearing a story about how Jim told some singger
> he was going to write him the next "Love Me Tender". I
> think it's cool that Jim seems to be an Elvis fan.
> After Elvis I would include a great song by The Everly
> Brothers called "Let It Be Me". The lyrics to this song
> are simply beautiful!
> "Unchained Melody" by The Righteous Brothers is another
> great one.
> Then I would also include something by The Platters.
> Perhaps their classic "Only You". "Twilight Time" is
> another great one of their's as well.
> Lastly or seeing as how I'll make this list short, I would
> include a song that really illustrates the depths that one
> will go for his one true love. I would include the classic
> car crash song "Tell Laura I Love Her". This is a choice
> that I think Jim would appreciate. "Tell Laura I Love Her"
> was one of the very first car crash songs but it's more
> then that. It tells the story of how a guy wants to buy
> his girl a wedding ring so badly. He ends up entering a
> stock car race trying to win it's big prize money but
> instead his car ends up overturning in flames. With his
> dying breath he is heard saying 'tell Laura I love her'. I
> think that this song among any other car crash song as the
> most emotion (excluding "Bat Out Of Hell" of course"). I
> remember that the first time my mother heard this song she
> started crying, seriously. We were driving in the car and
> this song came on and she had never heard it. I told her
> to listen to it. As she listened and we got to the end of
> the song she was in tears. That's pretty powerful,
> especially for a three minute song.
> On a sidenote, the last song that made my mother cry was
> some Christmas song she heard on the radio a few weeks
> ago. It's about how this cat and mouse are in some house
> stranded. The cat kept scratching to get out by no one
> heard him. The weather got very cold and then the cat ran
> into a mouse. The cat told the mouse he wouldn't eat him
> and how they would make it through the weather alive. The
> mouse trusts the cat and in a few days the mouse is
> rescued. He tells the cat 'we made it out' but it turns
> out that the cat actually froze to death while covering
> his body over the mouse to keep him warm. I know this song
> sounds pretty odd. I've never heard of it so if anyone
> actually knows the song in question I'd love to know.
> >
> > This is a very nice topic.
> >
> > My picks would be:
> > 1) Dream A Little Dream - Mama Cass
> > 2) We Are Each Other - The Beautiful South
> > 3) The Best Of My Love - The Eagles
> > 4) Fire - The Pointer Sisters
> > 5) Chances Are - Johnny Mathis
> >
> > I realize this looks eclectic, but that's what
> > compilations are for. (Aren't they?) There are loads more
> > (and despite not wanting Steinman songs included I really
> > think Heaven Can Wait needs to be in this set) but I will
> > await contributions from others without monopolising the
> > game.
> > The Count
> >
> > > I've been thinking of making a compilation of the best
> > > love songs ever, and I would like some advice so I don't
> > > miss any song. (Love in this particular case is the "let's
> > > have sex"-kind of love.) No Jim-songs, either.
> > >
> > > So far I've got the following:
> > >
> > > Heart - Unchained Melody
> > > Dolly Parton - I Will Always Love You
> > > Harry Nilsson - Without You
> > > Dusty Springfield - You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
> > > Christina Aguilera - Save Me From Myself
> > > Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood - Some Velvet Morning
> > >
> > > ...After that I'm kinda stumped. What songs would you guys
> > > put?

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