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Once I thought that love
Was cheerful and bright
Now I know
It's baffling and dark

-Total Eclipse Of The Heart

Roman Polanski & Sharon Tate In The Original Film Production

Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate

This section of Dream Pollution is dedicated to Love Eternal -
that we may remember what is important, forgive what is not...
and to Art - the embodiment of the Spirit Eternal.



A surreal, orgasmic infusion of SteinMusic

Stuttgart Production
(See Vienna Production Below)

Stuttgart Offers Its Throat
Screaming Electric Guitars
The Mob Seethes
Dark And Ominous Shadows
Pure Apocalypse
Hand Of Spirit
Love And Lust Prevail
A Little Drop Of Blood
They're Playing My Song
Your Dreams Are So Hungry
Through The Gates Of Hell
Vampire Glam
See It And Be Stunned - In Stuttgart

Vienna Production 

When A Heart Beats Faster, A Soul Gets Richer
I'm A Vampire
Obsessed With Obsession
A Story Of Initiation
A Hammering Disco Orgy
Loud & Very Sexy
Slightly Creepy & Erotic
She Doesn't Want To Be Saved
Forever's Gonna Start Tonight
Bite Me
Tanz der Vampire Flash Preview