Whistle Down
The Wind '96


Whistle Down The Wind '96

1996 Production Poster Art

Plot: This Andrew Lloyd Webber production was a musical refurbishment of the 1960's British classic, Whistle Down The Wind. The original starred the legendary childhood actress, Hayley Mills and was set in the English countryside in the 1950's. The stage adaptation was set in Louisiana in the late 1950's shortly before Christmas. A thoughtful study of childhood innocence and simple faith follows as three children discover a fugitive from the law in their barn and believe that he is Jesus. More feral in its approach this production featured Steinman's trademark style and wit. From show-stoppers like "A Kiss Is A Terrible Thing To Waste" or "The Nature Of The Beast" the electrifying "Cold" and "Tire Tracks And Broken Hearts" or the deeply moving verses of "Vaults Of Heaven" and "If Only" Jim Steinman proved himself a worthy match to the best theater has to offer. Variety said of his work: "Jim Steinman's lyrics are consistently on the money. They're clever and precise, offering the evening's only attempt at humor and furthering the story by bringing home its central themes."

Writers: Patricia Louisiana Knop with Andrew Lloyd Webber

Music: Andrew Lloyd Webber

Lyrics: Jim Steinman

Producer: Really Useful Productions

Director: Hal Prince

Soundtrack: No cast album was released

Opening: Whistle Down The Wind played for nine weeks (Dec. 1996 - Feb. 1997) at the National Theater in Washington DC. On February 10, 1997 Andrew Lloyd Webber's Really Useful Company announced that Whistle Down The Wind would not be opening on Broadway and that it was postponed "indefinitely." The quality of the material was not the determining factor in making this decision. The show received a warm reception by the Washington DC audiences and broke National Theater house records in terms of ticket sales. Please see the Whistle Down The Wind '98 section for more information concerning this production's glorious resurrection.