20th Anniversary
Bat Out Of Hell


Bat Out of Hell Back Cover Art

Fly And Never Land

By Jacqueline Dillon

"It's ingredients are extreme, it's the limit, as far as you can go."

Bat Out Of Hell is twenty years old and not a teenager anymore? Then hell, indeed, has frozen over!!

Saturated with unbridled passion and unleashed enthusiasm, Jim Steinman's eternally youthful Bat Out Of Hell is a passport for the frenzied, disillusioned, reckless child within us all. Just as J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan showed Wendy, Michael and John Darling that there was life beyond their nursery, Steinman's masterwork has served millions as a link between the world perceived by the senses and the hidden world of the human spirit.

A lover of the grand scale, Jim Steinman's Bat Out Of Hell expands reality to create a great thrill ride built on a framework of universalistic truth fueled by energetic hormonal eruptions, nocturnal emissions and the high-octane belief that desire and necessity are the very same thing. The number of people who have bought this album into their heart and home is mind-boggling yet, entirely understandable. Few artists have attempted or succeeded in glorify teenage dreams the way that Jim Steinman has and does so succinctly and especially on Bat Out Of Hell.

Bat Out Of Hell is a deliriously adventurous album. The sound acts as a showcase for the lyrics and the same is true in reverse. Together they evoke a strange, fantastic emotional atmosphere. The listener experiences a surreal sense of circumstance. Ride pillion and a Bat song earthbound suggests an existence cast in a pervasive shadow of gloom, pain and boredom. Wrap your arms and legs more tightly around this erotic motorcycle and as Bat takes flight look down inside the boundaries of Neverland. As mental real-estate it is prime property. The Golden Girls are beautiful, lustful, holy-grails of sensual delight. They can be like human seashells and when the right boy puts an ear to her breast he is sure to hear the sound of the whole world turning. His Lost Boys are exceptionally magical and equally appealing. Brave and restless, a Knight on shining Harley - sword bursting forth from faded Levi's. Here speed is everything, including not fast enough. There is no time to waste and even less time to think, you are required to act on your impulses. Above all, in Neverland, when the wolves are ravenous they are fed. All hail the glorious satiation of overpowering hunger; Steingasmic Euphoria!

Bat Out Of Hell
1977/78 - 1997/98

Forever Young!
Forever Steinman!