Bat Out Of Hell 2100
Bat Out Of Hell 2100


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From a CD dated June 1997:


NEVERLAND or Bat Out Of Hell 2100 - demos of songs (highlights)

  1. 1) Neverland Suite / Overture
  2. 2) All Revved Up With No Place To Go (Peter & Lost Boys)
  3. 3) It's All Coming Back To Me Now (Wendy and Peter)
  4. 4) Who'd Do The Dirty (Captain Hook)
  5. 5) City Night/Midnight Serenade (Wendy, Peter, Captain Hook, Dr Darling, Mother Darling)
  6. 6/7) Peter's Reverie/Life Is A Lemon And I Want My Money Back (Peter, Tink & Lost Boys)
  7. 8) Who Needs The Young (Captain Hook, Doctor Darling, Mother Darling)
  8. 9/10) Ceremonial Vows/Love Duet (Peter & Wendy)
  9. 11) Bat Out Of Hell

Note - the characters are listed in parentheses, although demos may only have one voice present. On this demo there are two songs not in the script - they are part of a new draft. "City Night/Midnight Serenade" replaces "Bad For Good" in the script - it begins with Wendy, numb and melancholy and yearning; and it then includes the entire seduction/abduction sequence involving Wendy, Peter and The Lost Boys; as well as Hook, Doctor Darling and Mother. "Love Duet" replaces "I'd Do Anything For Love, But I Won't Do That" in the script.


Alternate All Revved Up Demo

Early Carpe Noctem Demo
This was discovered on another CD of Bat 2100 demos, dated 6/18/97. It is placed at track 5, replacing City Night.


Demo credits:
Vocals on All Revved Up / Everything Louder : Kyle Gordon / Meat Loaf.
Vocal on Who'd Do The Dirty: André De Shields
Vocal on City Night: Ellen Foley
Vocals on "Love Duet": Laurie Beechman and Marcus Lovett
Lead vocal on Carpe Noctem: Kyle Gordon