It Has Significantly Changed the Theatre Landscape

Bolton Live!

★★★★★ (5 stars)

Falco (Rob Fowler) hangs from the side of a cage, threateningly wielding a baseball bat

Jim Steinman's Bat Out Of Hell – The Musical is a romantic adventure about rebellious youth and passionate love, set against the backdrop of a post-cataclysmic city adrift from the mainland.  Strat, the forever young leader of The Lost, has fallen for Raven, daughter of Falco, the tyrannical, ruler of Obsidian.”

Sounds amazing right? This is the backstory to the new musical Bat out of hell which we were honoured to be at press night for last night. From the get go quite simply… this show rocked!

Andrew Polec's “Strat” was a great performance by him and he has this energy that just fills the theatre when he sings as he channels his rock energy, with style and panache. His stage movements were on point. His charm and Charisma were there throughout the evening and you can see that he loves the role.

Christina Bennington's Raven was a spectacle to watch as she perfectly captures her characters personality and my can this girl sing! She was 100% one of the stand out performers from the show for me with her perfectly timed musical abilities and stagecraft.

Rob Fowler's “Falco ” & Sharon Sexton's ”Sloane” were the perfect stage pairing. They bounced off each all night and were consummate professionals. Both are extremely talented and both of them captured the audiences attention with not only their acting but their perfectly timed singing.

Aran MacRae “Tink” and Patrick Sullivan “Blake” both have remarkable singing voices and acting and dancing skills and should be proud of their performances.

Scene from Bat Out Of Hell The Musical. Strat and Raven are on a mattress - Strat is looking back over his shoulder, Raven is looking lovingly at him

Danielle Steers “Zahara” is definitely one to watch in the coming years. Her powerful voice and strong stage presence was amazing to hear and watch last night… I predict big things for her so keep an eye out.

The rest of the ensemble did a great job keep this fast paced musical going and perfectly timed as did the backstage crew.

Now a note on the set and staging…

The impressive  2 tiered movable set combined with state of the art cameras and projection technology not only simply moves the goalposts when it comes to musical theatre it packs them up in a cardboard box, sends them to NASA and has them blown light years away. It's great to see a new production change the rules when it comes to the staging and sets and it should be marked as one of the most impressive uses of new technology in recent theatre.

Final Verdict- ✭✭✭✭✭ Simply Unmissable

I can't rave about this show enough. The music, The cast, The set, it is simply unmissable. I have a feeling that this show will run and run and will become one of the most watched stage shows we have seen. Every aspect is literally on point and it has significantly changed the Theatre landscape.