Jim and Asher

The Boys Noir

Jim Steinman has always had a strong love of fashion and an even stronger love of pushing boundaries. It was a natural that he combine his talents and visions with those of young New York designer extraordinaire, Asher Levine. Asherlevine.com

Asher, who had outfitted Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, Bruno Mars and Scissor Sisters (to name a few) has described Jim's energy as "powerful." Like Jim, he thinks fashion is about having "fun."

Jim believes "The greatest fashion is SCULPTURE you can wear, just as music is sculpture you can hear. Asher Levine is a visionary at only 23 years old - a sculptor of magic using fabrics etc. It is for me, a total thrill to wear his pieces. I expect him, within a decade, to far eclipse Alexander McQueen or Jean Paul Gaultier."

Asher's work is "heavily influenced by the natural world...flirts with the ideas of the visceral, but also, explores the human figure and its condition. His seductive designs move between: fluidity and rigidity; beauty and disfigurement; abstraction and form; darkness and lightness." It's a style that fits (literally) like a glove with Jim's "gloriously pounding, emotionally derailed, headily deranged, chrome hard, wildly demented, madly powerful, too real, wholly unreal, sexually monumental, totally melodramatic" creations.


Together Jim and Asher have been working on costume design ideas for Jim's current projects, fashions for the Bat Noir clothing line, signature items for Jim's own collection and just having fun!