The Toronto cast of Bat Out Of Hell, on press night


Q Magazine (UK)

Better than you'd expect reunion of Steinman and Loaf.

★★★★☆ (4 stars)

After three Bat Out Of Hell iterations, the world was not so much ready for as nervous about a new record of songs sung by Meat Loaf and written by Jim Steinman. But Braver Than We Are is the best thing either has done in decades, addressing as it does both Meat Loaf’s less powerful voice and Steinman’s enormous back catalogue, from The Sisters Of Mercy’s More to Who Needs The Young and Skull Of Your Country (from Steinman’s college musical The Dream Engine). Best of all is a move away from the Bat-epics, with Meat Loaf either singing like a mighty one-man cabaret or – on the genuinely wonderful Going All The Way – accompanied by the unchanged vocal force of Ellen Foley and Karla De Vito.

Listen To: Going All The Way | More | Who Needs The Young