Gothic And Creepy, But Pure

boy throwing dove, not shirtless at all

Russell Mulcahy: I collaborated on the storyboard for Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" with Jim Steinman, who wrote and produced the song. Jim is fabulously, fabulously crazy. We would banter ideas over a bottle of red wine. I'd say, "Let's set it in a school and have ninjas in one scene," and he'd say "Let's have a choirboy with glowing eyeballs." We shot it in an old abandoned insane asylum in London. We had one sequence, which was Steinman's idea, where a shirtless young boy is holding a dove and he throws it at the camera in slow motion. Bonnie came around the corner and screamed, in her Welsh accent, "You're nothing but a fucking pre-vert!" And she stormed off.

There was nothing perverse intended. The imagery was meant to be sort of pure. Maybe slightly erotic and gothic and creepy, but pure. Anyway, the video went to number one, and a year later Bonnie's people rang up and asked if I would direct her new video. And I told them to fuck off, because I was insulted about being called a fucking pervert. And I was a little mad because pervert wasn't pronounced correctly.