Céline Dion - It's All Coming Back to Me Now music video - Behind The Scenes

“The name of the single is It's All Coming Back To Me Now. This song is probably the biggest song I have ever recorded in my whole life so far. It's a Jim Steinman song. To me, it's Gone With The Wind. It's a very powerful song, very romantic, and it's a very visual song. It's a big video. And you know what? I don't want to say video. To me, it's a seven minute movie.

“It's my first time working with Jim Steinman. I'm very fortunate that he thought of me, for me to sing that song. For Jim, every single song is a movie. And to me, he's my guy, because - it's never too much for me, it's never dramatic enough. You know all that stuff - black and white movies? Women falling down… it's my... I love. It give me goosebumps, I love that stuff. Jim Steinman wrote me one of the best songs I have ever recorded, and I am very fortunate because right now I am just having having a great time singing it, and when I'm on stage, it's big. It's a big song and it's a big moment for me.

“Nigel Dick directing this video right now; is [chef's kiss] unbelievable. He makes sure everybody brings the best out of them. And that's very special."

“I am so amazed. We've been here now for… 4 - 5 days, and that's why you hear noise right now, because we're on a set. It looks rich, it looks big, it looks dreamy… four days with the best people, they work night and day. I think everybody on this set here is really proud of what they do. So we have chosen Prague for this, but the main thing is because it's unbelievably beautiful here, and I'm very proud to be here.

“The concept of this video is absolutely - I was building my life around this person, and I was of course very much in love. Something very tragic happened. He passed away in a motorcycle accident. His soul and his heart and his energy still live with me in this beautiful castle. And I cannot go forward. My life is still with him, he's still with me. Look at myself in the mirror, and he's there. And I think everybody, one day or another, we lose somebody. And it gets really hard, but we have to admit that it's over and we have to go forward. And I'm going into this process of letting him go. He's letting me know that he's with me. But he just wants to let me know that he's ok, and I will be ok. But it's a beautiful love story, and it's very passionate, very strong, and I hope you'll like it.

“I feel 100% an actress when I shoot a video, when I'm on stage, and when I'm in the studio and when I sing a song. It's time for me to not only become an actress sound-wise, but image-wise also. And that's a big thrill because I would love to do some movies.

“I don't know how many times I'll have to sing this song before it's over. I hope it will never be over. Nigel asked me to sing it a thousand times. I will do it, because this song is part of me. It has a special place in my heart, and I will sing it for the rest of my life. And I hope I'll get to sing it more than a thousand times. I don't care, I love this song, and as much as you want to hear it from me, I'll sing it.”

- Céline Dion, filming It's All Coming Back To Me Now, on location in in Prague, in 1996.