For Sharon & all others lost too soon.




Dance Of The Vampires
(aka - The Fearless Vampire Killers, or,
Pardon Me, But Your Teeth Are In My Neck)
1967 MGM Studios - See The Trailer!
Directed by Roman Polanksi
Starring - Roman Polanski, Sharon Tate, 
Jack MacGowran, Alfie Bass,
Ferdy Maine, Terry Downes, Ronald Lacey

"Dance of the Vampires was immediately embraced by European audiences who were enchanted by the film's unique blend of fairytale beauty, sly comedy and baleful horror...Polanski's aim surely was the construction of a fairytale - the original kind with horror and humanity - but devoid of easy sentiment.  It's Into the Woods, minus hope and happy endings, plus lots of snow." Glenn Erickson (DVD Savant)


Excerpt from MGM Memo
sent to Roman Polanksi
while filming Dance Of The Vampires

Page  5
Please avoid any overemphasis on the girl's cleavage.

Page  7
Please avoid any overexposure of the girl throughout this bathing sequence.

Page  14
Alfred's intimate caressing of the girl would be unacceptable as described in scene 101.

Page  17
It would be important to avoid excessive gruesomeness throughout this production.  Specifically, we ask that you eliminate the "bloodstained mouth."

Page  21
The double meaning dialogue on this page should be toned down.  Specifically, we ask that you eliminate the expression "...have a quick one?"

Pages 22/4
The attack on the girl will have to be done with restraint since she is in the midst of her bath.  Please avoid undue nudity.  Also the "biting" and "gulping" could not be approved as described at the bottom of page 23.

Page  30
We cannot approve the line "I'll stick it somewhere up you..."

Page  59
We cannot approve the expletive "Jesus!"  Also, on this page we ask that you avoid using the word "whore" twice.

Page  63
We caution you against nudity in connection with this bathing scene.


Pages 75/6  
It is quite obvious that Herbert is to be characterized as a homosexual.  We do not object to this fact, but do ask that you avoid any physical advances on his part toward Alfred.  This would refer to any embracing of fondling, while his attack as a vampire would not prove objectionable.