Kid Champion
Kid Champion
A play by Thomas Babe, with music by Jim Steinman.

The original 1975 production of Kid Champion was billed as "A multi-media play with music, by Thomas Babe and Jim Steinman, directed by John Pasquin, about the disintegration of a rock superstar."

The play featured music by Jim Steinman; pre-recorded tracks which were used as the music of this rock star and his band. Both Thomas Babe and Jim Steinman take credit for lyrics. Musical direction and arrangements by Steve Margoshes. The show starred Christopher Walken as Kid Champion, and he won an Obie Award for his performance.

A copy of this music has been uncovered and we can now share it here.

The long instrumental piece was played as the audience was entering and taking their seats, the other tracks used as incidental music within the play. The vocalist's identity is sadly unknown.