Jim Steinman, 1983   Real Video Link

Jim Steinman on Bonnie Tyler : "Her voice itself is probably one of 
the most passionate I've heard in rock and roll..." 

Bonnie Tyler on Jim Steinman : "I was really thrilled when he said he 
wanted to work with me..."
Jim on Faster Than The Speed Of Night : "It's an exorcism you can 
dance to - a danceable exorcism..."

Real Video Link   Jim Steinman

Jim and Bonnie   Real Video Link

Jim rehearses Total Eclipse Of The Heart with Bonnie : "Can you do that line really angry? Really spit it out, except spit in [the other] direction.  It's a good jacket..."
Jim and Bonnie mime Total Eclipse Of The Heart : "Your love is like a shadow on me all of the time..."

Real Video Link   Jim sings with Bonnie