Meat Loaf: THE success story of 1978!

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Meat Loaf: THE success story of 1978! “You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth” 8-50634, is the new single from the debut album, as performed by the inimitable Mr. Loaf and written by the redoubtable Jim Steinman. The album has been a monumental success for Epic / Cleveland International on AOR and Top-40 both. Meat Loaf was just voted “Top-Selling New Artist of the Year” by Music Retailer - and that's only the most recent award for this incredible new talent. The album is currently at 2 million and the end is nowhere in sight - who could have foreseen a 260-pound former football player as rock's newest sex symbol? As with Boston in 1976, so too for Meat Loaf in 1978!