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re: Nicky James is a C word? or just sensitive?

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Mindnick 08:44 pm MST 03/10/17
In reply to: Nicky James is a C word? or just sensitive? - Jsteinfan 05:55 am MST 03/10/17

Well well well!! So "is nicky james a "c" or just sensitive"
Funny i have been on FB for 8 years!?! And blocked maybe 3 people max, Pat being one of them...so you would have to reallly piss me off for me to do that!, so posting on my PERSONELL FB the garb that was posted on here was bad, but did not really bother me, but when you posted...again on my page #desperate or something like that when i tagged MY friends and FAMILY that really did piss me off, how fucking dare you!!!....and now to suggest i am a "c"i!!! Are you kidding me!!

As for buying it or not? Your choice, let me see how far the $1 we all split goes after expenses!!!!!Really looking forward to becoming rich and famous on this album!!

Im glad you like what you heard, it was a year in the making, a full time job passion job for me, countless hours we spent on this!!! We dont care about good or bad reviews one bit, all opinions are welocme....but DO not ever make this personell like you did! Not lilkely you will have a chance anyway as unless i recieve an apology on this forum you will be permanently blocked!!!

Spellig and grammer due to bumpy plane to LA

People!!!! Its JUST music!! Enjoy, embrace, share, critique, love, dislike...its all ok!!

> When I posted my comments regarding Karine and Tyce trying
> to cash in on BAT SHOW success, He blocked me, told me I
> wasn't welcome at any of his endeavors, and told me he
> didn't want people like me buying the album.
> I'm torn because those who know me know i've shelled out a
> shitload of $$ to see Pat's shows, which featured Tyce. I
> even went to Tyce's solo show. I like Tyce. I don't like
> how the adverts and press releases touted Jim's
> involvement when there was none - but I'm not sure that's
> Tyce's fault.
> out of the clips I heard, Gonna Love her, I'll Kill You,
> and Braver really stick out. I love live instruments,
> which is the problem's Karine's abortion had. I would
> normally buy it ditigally and order the CD for my
> collection. However, I have a hard time giving them money
> when they've specifically told me to F OFF and not buy
> their CD.
> Just(in) my two cents
> > I bought the TYCE - Braver Than We Are on iTunes! I
> > enjoyed this one much more than the Meat Loaf version. I
> > love all the guitars and the different arrangement.
> > Besides the 3 Steinman demos this is the version I will
> > prefer to listen to in the future.
> > I will comment on the other songs from TYCE's album "Hero"
> > when I have time to listen to them some more

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