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re: Just wow. They just keep on coming.

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rockfenris2005 12:42 pm MST 03/15/17
In reply to: re: Just wow. They just keep on coming. - Marklbetya 10:26 am MST 03/15/17

It just feels like so much has gone wrong in about the last fifteen or so years. There were so many things I was looking forward to, from the time I really started following Jim's work, through this website and others, like "Batman" (wow Tim Burton directing too), "Dance of the Vampires" opening on Broadway and Michael Crawford's going to be the lead (as if this won't be massive), Jim's writing a "Garbo" musical in Sweden, they're going to make an album called "Bat out of Nashville", Omg Meat and Jim are actually going to get together to make "Bat out of Hell 3", I don't know what's more exciting, that or "Batman". I don't mean to be negative..but flash forward to the reality there, and there were just so many disappointments.

I was talking about "Tanz" the other day. I'll just quote this then:
Welcome, brethren
Once again we are here
At this very ball
Where we gathered last year
And that was so disappointing
That it just made us mope
But remember I told you
You must not give up hope
Next year I promised
You would revel and cheer

A bit of creative license with the "year" but you get the picture. That certainly seems to be true now. I just wanted Jim and us and myself to experience something like this again, and also personally because I never really experienced it while I was a "fully aware" Jim fan. I was finding out about it all when he was massive, in like 1998 and 1999. I'm experiencing first hand NOW what it must have been like for someone my age NOW back in 1993, who'd been following since 1978 or whenever.

So really, really cool. Course, I'm still cautious and all, but between these reviews and the 25,000 so far, I think I can rest assured at this point that DOTV it ain't!

> Vindicating is a good choice of words. We all have
> "guilty pleasures" when it comes to music. Something you
> like more than you should, whether it is popular or not.
> Something you might even be ashamed to tell people you
> like.
> But Steinmusic was never like that. We always felt
> Jim's work was amazing and anyone who didn't love it
> either had something wrong with them, or was never
> properly exposed to it. I don't know about you guys,
> but I talk too much about him to people who don't know who
> he is.
> This is, in a way, vindication. Should this be a top
> Broadway show, exposing his music to a new generation and
> beyond, we can sit back and say, "See. I was right! I
> knew everyone would love this if they only got exposed to
> it properly." I fully get that rockfenris.
> >
> > Something I've waited 16 years to see. And as an adult to
> > see a big hit Jim Steinman project. It's honestly surreal
> > and so... vindicating?! Vindicating.
> >
> >

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