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rockfenris2005 12:48 pm MST 03/15/17
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Oh. That's great. And I always thought, done right, it would end up in the pantheon of musicals. I always thought it could be up there with the mega musical classics, something like "Les Mis", because the music and the drama has that kind of power and resonance and timelessness. "Bat out of Hell" the original album for me at times was a bit like a cast recording for a musical that never was, or existed in an alternate dimension or timeline lol. I heard "Paradise by the dashboard light", honestly, one day when I was out, and it was like I thought to myself for a millisecond, "Oh that was a cool musical." If you put "For crying out loud" or "I'd do anything for love" or "Bat out of Hell" or "It's all coming back to me now" in a musical, you've got huge mileage IMHO. It's like--forgive my audaciousnes here perhaps--being Rodgers and Hammerstein and having "If I loved you" in your arsenal for "Carousel". Just tie it altogether in the right way, and the fireworks just explode all across the night. Didn't we just celebrate New Year? Chinese New Year then? Steinman New Year.

> https://wythenshawereporter.wordpress.com/2017/03/15/review-bat-out-of-hell-the-musical-the-opera-house-manchester/
> Check out the last few lines!!!  25 years...from his lips
> to God's ears!
> REVIEW: Bat Out Of Hell, The Musical@ The Opera
> House, Manchester
> This much anticipated stage show based on the
> classic Jim Steinman album has been hyped for months prior
> to it’s opening at the Manchester Opera House. So what can
> we say about Bat Out Of Hell?…
> Wow… Just Wow.
> Does it live up to the hype? The hype doesn’t do it
> justice.  It doesn’t come close.
> To be honest, as someone who played the Meatloaf album
> multiple times when I was a teenager, I would have been
> easily impressed by a stage version.
> But setting that aside, my partner (who was not a fan) and
> I agreed this was the best show to grace the Opera House
> stage – and possibly any stage.
> Every note and line was perfect, every trick accomplished
> and every stop pulled out – with a faultless blend of
> breathtaking special effects, imaginative staging,
> dramatic action combining JM Barrie’s Peter Pan with
> Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet (trust me, it works), and
> of course, those classic rock tunes – including Bat Out Of
> Hell, Paradise by the Dashboard Light and You Took The
> Words Right Out Of My Mouth – every one a show stopper.
> The musical is a romantic adventure about rebellious youth
> and passionate love, set against the backdrop of a
> post-cataclysmic city adrift from the mainland.  Strat,
> the forever young leader of The Lost, has fallen for
> Raven, daughter of Falco, the tyrannical, ruler of
> Obsidian.
> No-one puts a foot wrong in this production and newcomer
> Andrew Polec will be one to watch after turning in a
> stunning performance in the lead role as Strat. Christina
> Bennington is also superb as forbidden love,  Raven.
> Rob Fowler and Sharon Sexton in the roles of tyrant Falco
> and his jaded wife provide the highlight of the night for
> me with their rendition of Paradise by the Dashboard
> Light. I won’t give too much away, but let’s say they do
> something very clever with a car on stage.
> The show is an incredible experience and must surely end
> up as part of that pantheon of classic musicals which will
> continue to be produced after 25 years or more.
> So, if you see anything at the theatre this year, see this
> before it moves to London.
> Runs till April 8.
> Dave Toomer
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