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rockfenris2005 07:59 am MST 03/20/17
In reply to: Things not said... - The_wolf_with_the_red_roses 04:30 pm MST 03/19/17

Well said. Thank you. There is definitely something about it... where you feel you need to bring it up pretty much with everyone you ever meet when you get to know them after a while. I like hearing the responses. "So he wrote 'Total eclipse of the heart' AND 'It's all coming back to me now' AND 'I'd do anything for love.'" I've been going to see my friend singing at the nursing home on Fridays--I've been there about seven times now and this Friday's his two year anniversary since he started volunteering--and that's just been great. At the end a few times, he puts on "Two out of three ain't bad" and has a sing, which is for me because he knows how I love Jim's music, and then one time we did a duet as well lol.

And I did it in a low voice, which was my opportunity to mention how I think Jim originally saw it like a bit of a country & western song, and Johnny Cash could be singing it.

It's just something that comes up, and a thread that's run throughout the course of my life for pretty much three quarters of my life now, as I heard the music originally from a pretty young age. With Kelly, just before she passed away, she told me she was listening to "For crying out loud" and she said to me she realized it was all kinds of cool. I'd showed her "A kiss is a terrible thing to waste" and she just absolutely loved it and inspired her in one of her fan fics if I recall correctly.

There are just lots of things like that. Adam and I really met when we were put in an environment class together, and we'd start laughing and joking around about stupid shit lol, and then one day I started singing "I'd do anything for love" and he knew all that, and Jim too. So I was like, oh wow. We ended up writing a song together. We've been writing songs together for 16 years. We wrote "Cannibal rapture" together. I met Nik through him, going to one of his gigs, and Nik encouraged me to start composing again which gave me a whole second wind in my life. So I totally get how you become more than a fan, of Jim's work, and something more.

It's more than music to me as well. It's the sound of something that feels breathtaking. The combination of chords, notes, melodies, lyrics... it creates a very powerful stirring phenomenon.

> ...But should have been.
> At the press junkett for the launch night of previews,
> camera crews were asking what Bat Out of Hell meant to us.
> In the midst of bigger contributors to the community (Ben,
> if I became a bit of a bumpling wreck it's only because
> you found us some of my favirote Jim's songs of all time
> and you're pretty much in the same leauge as him to me at
> this point) I didn't speak to the cameras outside. But in
> the midst of Jim's triumph and talent on show in the
> fullest, most complete form it's ever been I'll share with
> you all.
> Jim's music is timeless, not just in the cultutral sense,
> his songs are still played, his albums still re-enter
> charts and his influence is still heard today. It is
> timeless on a much more intimate and personal level. Jim's
> music represents so much good in my life. It represents
> bonding with my mum and listening to You Took the Words as
> a 5 year old boy, it represents rediscovering it, and the
> rest of the album, years later and becoming so engrossed
> that friends and teachers around me could sing Two out Of
> Three Ain't Bad word-for-word as we drove through the
> french countryside a decade ago,
> it represents playing a song for a loved one meant for
> something else then living amongst us, it represents
> meeting the love of my love of my live and walking through
> the streets, drunk, happy, singing and dancing the night
> away (because "if you gotta be damned...", right?)
> Okay, so my words are alot grander and alot less "Jacob"
> in written form but that would have been the jist.
> I think, if you really get Jim's music, then you become
> more than a fan, you have an extension built onto your
> soul, an obsession, an absolute life changer.

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